April 26, 2022

What the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial could Teach us about Abuse of a Different Kind.

This is not about recapping Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial.

And this is not a debate to see who’s right or wrong. Though I do strongly support Depp, this trial has shed light on an important issue we have forgotten as of late.

Abusing a good cause.

Let me further explain. Heard scoffed at Depp, saying that nobody will believe he’s a victim of domestic violence.

And domestic violence is no joke.

Domestic violence knows no gender.

Domestic violence needs to be stopped.

Domestic violence can be the monster under anyone’s bed.

We are all aware that the percentage of domestic violence against women is high, but that doesn’t remove the fact that some men are also victims of that crime. Heard abusing the thing that many women have suffered from just to taunt her husband and tell him that she will certainly get away with her actions and the world won’t believe him for being a man is an insult to women as well.

Some men using Depp’s experience and Heard’s choice of actions to say that women are crazy and the world is biased is undermining the horrible experience of many women who suffered from violence.

No one should suffer from abuse.

It’s like taking the feminist approach that promotes the independence of women and equality and using it to say all men suck.

It’s like taking the initiative to call for activism and equal rights for people of different ethnicities and helping one race at the expense of another (not privileged) one.

I am not writing this to glorify Depp or bash Heard. I am writing this to say that we need to stop abusing causes that so many have worked for and on for so many years.

Again, feminism isn’t about bashing men.

Fighting against poverty isn’t about favoritism of one poor country over the other.

Fighting against domestic violence is about fighting for the rights of women, men, children, and well, any human for that matter.

If we get to a point where Depp proves he was a victim in his marriage, it is a lesson for us to think critically before judging. If we support him, it doesn’t mean we’re supporting men who are all for toxic masculinity. If we supported Heard at some point, it is a lesson for us not to assume things from the get-go before truly examining the situation.

Personally, I believe the way Depp handled this “situation” shows maturity and lack of impulsive, toxic behavior.

As for the result of the trial, I truly hope it will end fairly and deliver justice.



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