April 27, 2022

Why April’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Taurus is asking to Trust & Surrender. {April 30}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


What do I want? What do I value?

These are questions that I have been asking myself leading up to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus this weekend. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents our personal values. So these questions are naturally in the forefront of my mind.

It feels as though I’m in a place of stagnation—not knowing how to move forward, and not even knowing what I would be moving toward if I knew how. It’s frustrating at times, but knowing that there is an eclipse coming is helpful in allowing me to release my grip on the way I believe things should be.

My values seem to be changing, or maybe they’re becoming a reflection of the next chapter of my life.

There has been an abundance of planets in Pisces for the past few weeks, leaving us feeling dreamy and maybe a bit naive. It can have us falling in love with everything and everyone, or it could have us wanting to go on a silent meditation retreat to escape from the noise around us.

The sign of Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and that is exactly what my brain has felt like most days this month. An idea comes and then it’s gone just as fast—just like my energy. The invitation here is to tap in and listen without force.

Heavy Pisces energy in Taurus season has naps and meditation written all over it.

From April 27-30, 2022, Venus will stand between Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. Venus is a personal planet that represents our values, love, and money. Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave of Venus. So, if Venus represents our personal relationship with love, Neptune represents universal love and unity. Throw Jupiter into the mix and that love gets even bigger!

This is beautiful, heart-opening energy.

It allows us to access unconditional love, compassion, and trust if we allow it.

The best part is that we have access to this energy right before the first eclipse of the year. When thinking about what we value, self-compassion is so important, especially as we move further from the need for external validation and closer to our own inner compass.

Eclipses are a fast track to where we’re going. It’s as if doors open and close before we have time to blink. They were once an occasion to be feared, but now we’re learning that they don’t come around to do harm, but rather to open us up to opportunities that we may not take on our own accord. Eclipses help the process along and give us a nudge, or a shove, into the next chapter of life.

Taurus is fixed Earth—which means it can feel hard to let go, but surrendering control can allow the discomfort to pass with ease.

The beauty of the abundance of Piscean energy is that we have the opportunity to tap into a higher source before the changes start rolling in. By taking time in solitude, we are able to get clear on what we want, signaling to the Universe (or whatever you call it) that we are ready and open to whatever comes our way. It’s highly creative energy as well, so taking advantage of the flow state could open up new possibilities, too.

This is where we are asked to trust—ourselves and the Universe—and to surrender to what comes.

Pisces is the sign of the collective, so having four planets there can have us feeling emotions that aren’t even ours. We’re plugged into the collective energy and we feel everything (or we may be extra sensitive and seeking an escape). Boundaries are important—energetic and physical. Not to mention, the eclipse coming up can have us buzzing as well.

When I feel like my head is in the clouds, the medicine is to ground down. Tapping into the simple, sensual pleasures feels delicious and brings me back into my body—slowing down and engaging with every sense. This is the high road of Taurus—embodiment.

Tasting each flavor of the in-season vegetables, noticing every new color that pops up from the fertile Spring ground, hearing the sounds of the birds chirping in the morning, smelling the scent of rain as it falls—embodiment.

We can use the energy of Pisces to dream our biggest dream, to create our ideal world in our imagination, and to allow the fertile soil of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus to work its magic by opening those doors and planting the seeds.

The eclipse on April 30, 2022, is conjunct Uranus (the planet of shock and change) as well as the North Node (where we are heading, individually and collectively), so we are bound to be greeted by fresh, new beginnings—some of which may be a surprise!

So, if you’re feeling like I am (unsure of where you’re headed), you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

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