May 4, 2022

16 Ways to Increase & Channel our Vibration through Water.

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Chances are, you’ve heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water.

After placing positive words, playing uplifting music, and sending prayer to glasses of water, it created beautiful crystals in the water (visible through a microscope).

On the other hand, after negative words were expressed and pasted on the glasses of water, he observed disfigured and disturbing images in the water.

If you think about the fact that our bodies are made up of 75 percent (or more) of water, think what these simple things can do to our physiology! So we checked out the mysterious and miraculous practice of water vibration…

Water conducts energy and is very transformable. It changes depending on what the offering or intention is. Here are some ways to increase your vibration through this essential and magnificent element:

1. Whisper sweet nothings into your cup of tea. Yes, people might look at you strange, but who cares!? Think about Dr. Emoto’s experiment. You are drinking those crystals, so choose your words, thoughts, and prayers wisely.

2. Paste positive words on your glass. Playing on the above experiment, why not write some lovely words on the glasses we drink from? Get a pack of sticker labels and change the word daily. “Joy,” “peace,” and “bliss” are all great words to start with. You can modify the words depending on your needs for that day. For example, if you have to have a difficult conversation, try “honesty,” “compassion,” or “oneness.”

3. Sensory deprivation flotation therapy. Essentially, you are in a giant enclosed bathtub filled with salt and water. The abundance of salt makes your body float. There is a continual releasing and unfolding that no other therapy can replicate. When you let go of tension whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, you feel lighter and your vibration goes up up up!

4. Drink from a copper vessel. According to Ayurveda, drinking from a copper vessel positively charges the water and has the ability to balance all three doshas. Many also believe it to heal wounds, slow aging, fight cancer, and combat arthritis among many other health benefits—although it’s important to note that these claims have not been sufficiently researched and proven.

5. Send healing energy to your water. Make a heart mudra by touching your thumbs and fingers around your glass (in a heart shape) and send some loving intention to the water—and then drink up!

6. Swirl your water. Just like you would a fine wine to let it breathe, swirl your water so that it makes a tornado-like effect in your glass (you can do it with a spoon if need be). That vortex looking shape is said to actually increase the vibration of the water.

7. Try a neti pot. This saltwater nasal rinse doesn’t only prevent sinus infections—it also enhances breathing! Yeah, we blow and scrape at the walls of our noses, but many don’t know how clogged their sinuses truly are until they try a neti rinse. I’ve heard, “I didn’t even know they were connected!” when referring to their nasal cavities. Yes, they connect and saline solution should be able to flow freely between the two.

8. Hot/cold plunges. You would think something as simple as alternating hot and cold baths or showers couldn’t possibly make that much of a change in your body. Think again. It has been shown to increase circulation, speed healing, promote lymphatic drainage, and boost the immune system.

9. Watsu. If you haven’t experienced this “water massage” of sorts, now’s the time. Imagine floating in warm water while someone cradles and massages you. The surrendering in this experience is said to invoke a womb-like state.

10. Get your steam on. Steaming is an important part of cleansing the body. Our skin is the largest organ of detoxification, so sweating out toxins can release impurities, making us feel clear and rejuvenated.

11. Start your day with chugging warm or hot water. Throw in there what you may—some ginger, a slice of lemon, or a cinnamon stick, but the warmth of the water is the best thing in the morning for your digestion. Opt for warm or hot water as opposed to cold (which, according to Ayurveda, depletes the agni (digestive fire).

12. Enema. It may be a taboo subject, but many report feeling lighter and happier after an enema. Enemas have been used for centuries to cleanse and detox the body and may be something worth trying if you have digestive issues or need to purge. (Speak to your doctor first!)

13. Hug. How does a hug fit into this category you ask? Since we’re made up of mostly water, then technically hugging someone is like hugging the element itself. Kinda-sorta. A 20-second hug has also been proven to release oxytocin (the love hormone) and greatly increase health. So hug and snuggle often!

13. Take a dip in the ocean. Or any natural body of water. If you don’t want to take the dive, even getting your feet wet in salt water draws out toxins and gives you the benefits of marinating in the healing negative ions that are said to release serotonin, alleviate depression, relieve stress, and increase energy.

14. Get a water fountain. In feng shui, using a water fountain helps to move energies and increase prosperity. Try placing one somewhere by your front door (either indoors or outside) to keep the good qi flowing.

15. Talk to your body. Thoughts and words have a direct effect on our body. They have the ability to change our physiology as well as our reality. Tell yourself the things that you want to hear from others. Call them affirmations, mantras, inner dialogue, or what have you. It’s important to become aware of that inner voice, because it shapes our experience. Even if you don’t believe the words at first, keep at it and things will shift. A great place to start is, “I love you.”

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