May 11, 2022

The Key to our Children Finding their Purpose.

I vividly remember a moment when a certain small child of mine commented about a family member’s appearance.

“Your bum is too big for the stool,” he said, loudly and unashamedly.

His comment was seemingly harsh, inappropriate, and definitely not what society would consider polite, but it was his truth. It was not watered down or made palatable. He spoke exactly what appeared to be glaringly true in his mind, at that moment.

Of course, as his parents, we told him it was not a polite thing to say, and we possibly even made him apologize for the remark. But now I wonder why. Did we make him apologize because we genuinely believed he did something wrong, or because in the eyes of society, we simply cannot say things like that?

At what point did we begin to consider the personality of others so fragile or incapable of accepting a differing opinion that we completely stopped sharing ours? Now, to be clear, I am not condoning making cruel or hurtful remarks that attack others, however, I am all for encouraging our children’s ability to hold and speak their deepest, inner truth.

My sister had an imaginary friend, Fred, for years as a child. He went with her regularly; the kind that sat at the table with her at dinner and took up a seat in the car. Eventually she “grew” out of it, but I know Fred featured quite heavily in her life for a while.

Most children see fairies, monsters, spiritual beings, and fantastical, wondrous worlds. Why do we not encourage this magic? Why do we allow it to be shut down, closed off, and wronged? Why do we “grow out” of dreaming?

Do we figure out that it’s all rubbish, and we had better wake up, grow up, and get a healthy dose of reality, all the while never actually realizing that we create our own damn reality, and maybe just maybe, we want it to include a little magic?

We are taught to push down our truth, hide the possibility and power that lives inside, and cut off the creative nature of our soul because it doesn’t fit with “somebody’s” idea of what is accepted. When did we decide this “somebody” was the authority on all things, truth, acceptability, and life purpose?

As humans, we long to fit in and we desire to be validated, so it seems “easier” to be like everyone else and fit the status quo? I get that. I feel this deeply. This longing kept me tethered to society’s expectations and to act like a people pleaser for the majority of my life. But as much as we long to be loved for ourselves, to be accepted for who we appear to be, do we even know who we truly are? Do we even know our truest, innermost being?

Your truth is literally a key to your passion, purpose, brand, and freedom. The deeper you dig, gradually uncovering every aspect, the more you can live it to its fullest potential, and birth from it.

It’s where true power and magnetism lie waiting to be revealed, allowed, and embraced.

Your truth is yearned for by those who are meant to hear it—those who are drawn to you.

Your truth heralds change, inspiration, and impact.

Your truth is that small burning flame you long to share.

Your truth is those words you fear to say.

Your truth is your magic; the spell that will captivate your people.

Your truth is coming back to a self you long forgot.

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