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May 24, 2022

This one’s for the Empaths.

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on Pexels.

Empathic heart led souls,
I see you.
You feel so much and it can feel like a burden.
How often you feel yourself in spaces, subtley holding and mediating within all the frequencies around you.
You have so many ideas of how to serve and create and be, but it often feels impossible to execute or know where to begin or how to reach the people you’re longing to serve.
And so I want to say,
The world needs you to stand in the essence of who you are and beam your soft hearted wisdom out into the space around you.
Your communities need you to rise out of all the ways you don’t feel worthy or capable or enough and to stand tall within your soft centre.
Because to lead doesn’t have to mean to oppress.
To shine doesn’t have to mean to become hardened or fierce.
That innate way you embody vulnerability and shyness is part of your magic.
Your ability to attune to everyone and everything around you gives you a wisdom that others will spend lifetimes searching for.
Your natural way of nurturing and soothing and caring is not a weakness but a medicine of The Mother that needs to be celebrated, not shamed or hidden or shut down.
It’s time to stop apologising and start claiming.
To stop pleasing and start owning.
To stop comparing and start believing.
In all the ways your gifts were made.
In all the moments life calls you into action.
In the soft, innocent essence that resides in you.
In the human- ness that drives you and keeps you connected and true.
Stop trying to be something you’re not and start showing the fullness of who you are.
Outside of the boss bitch diva frame that simply isn’t who you’re here to be.
Because the world needs you now more than ever.
It needs soft, honest, centres to rise out of hiding and to take their place.
Without apology.
Without the need to understand what’s next.
But to simply,
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