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May 4, 2022

Three Steps to Become a Magnet For All You Desire

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.

Is it really possible to magnetically attract all we desire, dream and wish for? In short, yes. Now for the ‘how’.

Here are 3 steps to help shift us into becoming a magnet for all we desire!

  1. Presence

When we are fully present and allow ourselves to connect to the joy of the now, it is impossible for all that is divinely and rightly ours to not be drawn to us! Presence is the only way we can be fully in our power, and is therefore the precise thing which becomes irresistible to what is ours.

When we are fully present to and in joy, wonder, awe, love, gratitude and full acceptance of the now, what we want wants us and becomes ours. Everything we already desire is already available. It’s ready and waiting. Present. Ready. There for us. Now. Inviting more presence into our lives allows for us to float, fly, and flow throughout the day! This energy is the magnetic force that snaps what we desire from the infinite into the now.

How can we be more present?

Journaling is a great way to drop into the moment and bring more awareness to the now. Throughout our journaling an intention can be set to be present as we move about our day.  This is always an easy and effective way to bring more presence into our lives.

  1. Surrender

To be the magnetic being we innately are requires surrender.

Have we surrendered yet? Have we surrendered to a greater plan than our own wants? Do we allow for, and practice, believing in the possibility of a greater vision than our own?

More often than not, we can and will receive the exact specific thing we ask for and want. But, we must always be okay with knowing there could be something far greater, or different, behind the curtain. And that the end goal is having our needs abundantly met, period. Not having them met based only on the specifications we decided.

Surrender allows for the space and the magic of life to do its thing. Surrender opens up the door for all that is in our highest good and alignment to magnetically come forth. This is an invitation and reminder to surrender to whatever shows up knowing it was meant to show up!

  1. Deciding

It’s really that simple.

We must decide that joy, fun, fulfillment, peace, strength, a certainty of harmony with life itself, adventure, play, overflowing love for life, just gets to be here, now. When we refuse to embrace this very real truth we will continue to learn the lesson over and over that the only way to be there, is to decide to be there, now.

The only way to become the person, is to become the person, now. We can attract and be the magnetic being who effortlessly calls in and creates everything she desires and chooses.

So, have we truly decided to be who we want to be?

Regardless of circumstance, we can already choose the energy, emotion, thought, and belief of who and where it is we’re heading. We simply tune into the moment and be present, surrender and hand it over for the greater good and decide that it simply will be, now.

All of this is what creates the internal environment. Once we do this? Watch as our outer world shifts so damn fast around us.

It’s time to stop overcomplicating our lives and be the person who effortlessly attracts all that they desire and require to them. And so it is.

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