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June 29, 2022

Good morning, Good night and Hallelujah

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.

If you know me you know I send some odd texts and messages. I can’t help it. Real friends will know this and if you are in my inner circle you know who you are. Right now I value friendship over romance and honestly over everything.

The past years have been a real pandemic special wouldn’t you say?

Single people all over the world took it hard. I believe we are still reeling from isolation and loneliness.

Thankfully, technology has helped us stay at least virtually connected.

Those that live alone also had an opportunity to learn more about themselves. I have to admit I have become more dependent on technology. The little messages that I have received over the past years have been life-altering. Some have sadly also been the last messages from friends. Life is so precious and fragile. The pandemic stole from us some amazing people.

The following is a recollection of some sweet messages I’ve received. Those of you that sent them I haven’t forgotten. I value friendship and people. My work is secluded so those messages are gems that light my days and nights. This is a sad and quirky article I know. Guaranteed you will never find another quite like it.

Beautiful  and sad messages:

“ I’m standing on your doorstep”
“ I picked you up a book that reminded me of you”
“ I’m sorry I missed you”
“ I need coffee- please bring”
“ work is boring with out you”
“ I love you my friend”
“ Will you walk my daughter’s dog?”
“ Can you send me a picture of my plant?”
“ There is chocolate for you on your desk “

“ I’m leaving and will miss you”

“ I’m getting married – will you be there?”

” That was simply beautiful”

“ Thanks for sharing”

“ Hallelujah it is Friday”

“ I think I’m pregnant. Do dollar store tests work?”
“ I’m locked out and thought of you”
“ I can stop thinking about him can we go walk?”
“ You made my day”
“ You made the meeting worthwhile”
“ Will you go out with my cousin?”
“ The office is closed”
“ I’m retiring “
“ I’m moving”
“ Will you water my plants ?”
“ You look awesome”
“ Great to see you”
“ I love donuts” : followed by pictures of dozens donuts.

Of course there is a million more plus all of the pictures and memes. What would life be like without sweet friends and messages? Can you think of some sweet and sad ones that you have received during this pandemic special?

I can’t wait to read!

You are amazing
Love Renee

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