June 1, 2022

Mistaking Fear for Intuition? Here are Some Ways to Distinguish between the Two.

Have you ever had a sinking feeling that something awful was going to happen, and it felt so strongly like an intuitive message?

Did it haunt you, torment you, and make you feel like you couldn’t enjoy your life with it constantly playing on repeat in your mind? Did you see signs everywhere that seemed to confirm this fearful story? Then, as time went on, did it prove to not be true, and as soon as you wrapped your mind around that, a new fearful “premonition” came to light?

You are not alone; it is all too common to mistake our fears, insecurities, shadows, traumas, and baggage as intuitive downloads and messages.

My name is Taylor Paige, and I’m an Angelic-Intuitive and Birth Chart Astrologer. I’ve been working as an intuitive professionally for five years and have connected with thousands of people all over the globe. Helping people distinguish the difference between fear and intuition is an important mission of mine. Growing up, I was so frightened of accessing my intuition. Like many people, I was plagued by scary experiences in youth that completely closed me up to anything I couldn’t physically see. It is all too common that superstition, preconceived notions, or fearful stories keep us from the magical birthright of intuitive connection that is an integral part of our GPS here on Earth.

Here is my experience with the distinctions between our true intuitive downloads and the pesky fearful stories that love to chatter continuously in our heads:

Intuition is quiet. Intuition is intentional. To hear your true intuition, it takes practice, sacred space, patience, dedication, healing, and getting quiet. Fear is loud, fear screams over everything, and takes up space uninvited. Oftentimes, our true intuitive messages are drowned out by loud fearful thoughts.

Intuition is loving. It is problem-solving. It shows you action steps that help you navigate the way forward. Fear is nagging. Fear dwells in the worst possible outcomes. Fear tries to keep you safe based on past wounds that are unhealed. Intuition tries to keep you safe without torturing your mind. Sometimes we must navigate tough situations, sometimes we endure difficulties and tragedies, and in that case, the messages that come through intuitively help move us through in the highest way possible to us.

Intuition is based in the now. Different people will have different perspectives on this point, and there are different psychic practices. In my experience, working with angels, I firmly believe that we create the future in the present moment, and that many future timelines are available to us always. Our intuitive hits guide us in the here and now to connect with our highest possible timeline.

Fear on the other hand is always dredging up the past, “Remember when this awful thing happened? It could happen again!” Or fear loves to jump forward into the future, “This awful thing is going to happen! Let me show you every detail of it!” It is hard for fear to lie to us in the present moment. And that’s what fear does, it lies; in fact, it’s the best liar in the world. Perfectly crafted by our worst traumas and shadows to present us with the unique ideas that cause us to close up and stay “safe” in our comfort zones. Have you ever had a fearful “intuitive download” about anything in the here and now? It’s not possible because you can confirm it as a lie immediately.

Intuitive messages are simple. They are calm. They are loving. Oftentimes, they come through as one or two words like, “Trust,” “All will be well.” Perhaps it’s an overwhelming sense of being held, or a strong push toward reading a book, starting a class, looking for a house, and so on. Fear is long-winded. Fear is anxious. It exhausts every possible detail that could hurt you. Fear leaves no stone unturned that it can hurl toward your worst insecurities.

With this information, filter those fearful stories in your head trying to masquerade as guidance from your higher self, from the divine, and ask yourself if they really resonate with you as a higher power.

So, what is fear good for? Well, fear is a great messenger showing us where we need to heal. Use these fearful lies to bring your subconscious wounds to the light. I like to call the fearful voice in our minds the “Inner-Villain,” because if you say the fearful or mean thought out loud in an over-the-top Villain voice (á la Doctor Evil, pinky finger and all), you will see immediately how silly and absurd they are as soon as they leave the fertile soil of your mind.

If fear has kept you from connecting with your intuition, I invite you to work with your angelic guides. Or, you can connect with your higher self, which is who your angels work with.

Remember, your intuition will never be fearful. Let joy be your GPS; make space for your intuition by working to heal the shadows that try to muddy your true channel to intuitive messages. You are loved. And you are led.


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Read 5 comments and reply

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