June 10, 2022

Waylon talks w/ his idol Maggie Doyne, who at 19 used her babysitting $$ to build a home for orphaned children.


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Waylon was honored to talk with his long-time friend and idol, Maggie Doyne, about her new memoir Between the Mountain and the Sky. 

Maggie is the co-founder of the BlinkNow Foundation and Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. Her memoir tells the story of a 19-year-old who took the least expected path and found her life’s work and passion, helping and inspiring thousands of people along the way.

“In those moments of overwhelm, or just hopelessness, or despair—try it: you just look at the face of a little child and see potential and see hope and see wonder and see a belief that we’re all gonna be okay. I’ve been lucky to have a life that got me on track right away to a sense of purpose because I’ve never doubted the purposefulness of it.

You never question a child’s life and be like, why did I do that? It’s a huge, immense responsibility to shoulder, but luckily we have a team and we have a real focus on mission and a vision. And in our lifetime, I wanna see a world where I can look to my grandchildren and say, we did it. We figured this out. We don’t have to have kids who are cold and hungry and not going to school. It’s been easier in my field, I think, to keep my eyes on the prize.” ~ Maggie Doyne

In their conversation, Waylon and Maggie talk about bringing a book to life, the deep meaning of work with a mission, the importance of community, and how Maggie’s story began versus where she and her foundation are at today.


You may purchase her memoir from her website. (*We encourage you to avoid purchasing on Amazon, which is gutting good middle-class jobs.)

Read an excerpt of Maggie’s book, here.

If you’re inspired by this conversation and Maggie’s story, consider supporting BlinkNow. The mission of BlinkNow, based in Nepal, is to create a world where every child is safe, educated, and loved. Donate to BlinkNow and help support their important work: blinknow.org

“Everyone do your small part and your small piece and look at what breaks your heart and then do your best to go for it.” ~ Maggie Doyne


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