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July 18, 2022

10 Things That are an Absolute No-No at the Gym.

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I work at a premium health club—I mean, if you’re looking for bells and whistles, you’ve come to the right place.

My gym is chock-full of everything you could ever want from a fitness facility.  I’ve never been happier in my entire life.  I mean that, sincerely.

It’s amazing how much I’ve experienced in just over 30 years that I’ve been working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  So much so, I have a list of ten things that are an absolute no-no when it comes to one’s behavior at the gym:

  1. Not wiping your station down by sanitizing any/all equipment used.

Clean up your SHIT.   Enough said.

2.  Staring at someone while they exercise.

So creepy. Don’t do it.  EVER.

3.  Leaving your sweaty towels and general filth all over the changerooms.

Sorry, but this one must be repeated again and again:  clean up after yourself.  No one is responsible for the mess you leave behind except for you.  Get it together, savvy?

4.  Bad-mouthing others.

You know the expression, “These walls have ears”…?  Keep your mouth closed if you have nothing pleasant to say.  The gym is a safe place, a haven, an escape from the pressures of life—don’t ever make someone’s trip to the gym an unpleasant one.  If you’re a gossip queen, try being less of one.

5.  Leaving dumbbells, plates or other large pieces of equipment strewn all over the gym floor.

C’mon folks—this isn’t fucking rocket science.  Tidy up your space!

6.  Wearing heavy fragrances.

Do not, under any circumstances, contaminate other people’s spaces with your STANK.  Do you understand?  I am so disgusted by those people who think it’s perfectly ok to bathe in heavy perfumes or colognes in a public space like a fitness facility.  Save that sh*t for the nightclub scene….

7.  Getting involved in political discussions.

I learned this lesson the hard way several years ago.  Do not get tangled up in long-winded debates or discussions.  Keep your opinions to yourself.  The gym is a place to sweat and forget.

8.  Hoard space in the changeroom by spreading all your towels and belongings everywhere.

I know a lot of women take up a lot of space with their toiletries and personal belongings while they’re getting all dolled up in the changerooms.  Seriously, this is unacceptable.  You come to the gym to share space, not hoard it.

9.  Eating stinky foods.

Similar to #6, keep your fowl-smelling foods, drinks, potions and elixirs away from the public.  Take that shit outside!

10.  Being disrespectful to newbies at the gym.

Never make a new person’s experience at the gym an unpleasant or unsavory one in any way, shape or form.  How dare you inflict your anger and frustration on someone else…shame on you! 

Be a kind human being.  Period.

NOTE:  This list of 10 should be adhered to if you plan to go to the gym regularly.

~Peace and love to you all!

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