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October 5, 2022

3 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate Audience

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Creating and attracting your soulmate audience is about so much more than growing a list, a following, or your tribe, although yes, it is all of that also. Attracting a soulmate audience happens automatically, and like magic, just from being in our energy, and showing up in business as that authentic expression of self.

Why do we want to attract a soulmate audience?

When our business is filled with our soulmate audience it means we’re creating results with total flow and alignment because we’re speaking to those who are already magnetically attracted to what it is we have to offer, and what it is we’re selling.

We can build a business by selling a dream. Or we can build an empire, a legacy, by being fully ourselves and let the right ones fly to us like magnets. Here are three core philosophies and fundamental policies to help align ourselves and attract a soulmate audience.

  1. Soul-led Messaging

Creation is communication, and communication is the heart and soul of growing a business with a soulmate audience.

Remember, nobody is interested in learning from someone they’re not also being inspired and transformed by. What this means is that how we communicate with our audience must come from a deeper part of our true self. This is about messaging and sharing truth, from soul, in a way that connects with the world, aka soul-led messaging. A natural unleashing of what is within.

One of the most important things to understand around soul-led messaging is the power of being in a practice of trusting that the message is the message. That however it comes out is how it is meant to come out. Whether it makes sense or not, or is comprehensible to our mind, does not matter. What does is – we made an agreement that the message is the message, and we follow that! We do this from a place of fundamentally knowing and understanding that this makes sense. That it is not about us, but instead about – what is meant to be let forth from us.

In short: be the messenger you came here to be, not the one you think you need to be. ! Do not filter, edit or change what is in you and what is coming through! Trust yourself to have the discernment to lean fully into this way of sharing.

  1. Magnetic Energy

Creating a business where we get paid for being ourselves and our audience hangs off our every word, where each person in that audience is inexplicably drawn in, and unable to look away, is not about our results, or how much money we have made.

It’s about our energy and allowing that energy to be felt and seen. This is what connects and draws in the real ones, the ones we are here for! Client and soulmate audience growth is not conditional. It never was. It never will be. The ability to get to call in soul-aligned clients is based on one thing and one thing alone:

Your decision to be fully you, and show up in that energy.

  1. Embodying Certainty

Creating success and building the business of our dreams isn’t about what we do, or whether we did enough to get an outcome. It isn’t about living in the continual cycle of questioning ourselves and wondering if we have done enough. Have we jumped through the right hoops today to move in the right direction? These are limited beliefs and will result in limited outcomes.

Instead, we can choose to embody certainty.

Certainty that we are enough, right now. Certainty that we have done enough, and what we have to offer and share will connect with those who need to hear it. Deciding to embody the energy of certainty is what will magnetically call in our soulmate audience. Why? Because when we back and believe in ourselves, we activate that belief in others! This creates an opportunity and environment for others to thrive and back what’s inside of them.

At the end of the day, business and life gets to feel in flow, and we get to have our soulmate audience surround us. Adopt these three philosophies and watch it all unfold.

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