December 20, 2022

2 Poems to Make your Broken Heart feel Seen.


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Every broken heart is different.

Just as we all love differently, we all grieve the loss of love differently.

For some, the loss hits hard and we are left struggling to find our way forward. For some, the loss leaves us with more questions than answers and we’re forced to move on without closure. For others, the loss isn’t a loss at all—it’s a path toward freedom.

For myself, each past heartbreak has been the permission I’ve needed to connect to my deepest sadness.

To let the tears fall, even when it seems like they’re endless. To rage and embrace my anger without guilt or shame. To be brutally honest and admit when I overlooked red flags or tried to force a connection that wasn’t meant to be.

But regardless of how we choose to heal our broken heart, one thing I’ve learned is that we all long to have our pain acknowledged. To feel like we are not alone in our sadness, our rage, or our honesty.

To know that we are not alone in our brokenness—or our broken-openness.

If you’re currently grieving a loss of love (or simply remember what that pain felt like in your body and your mind), let these two poems from writer Yesika Salgado make your broken heart feel seen:


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And a bonus quote that I used as a mantra years ago when I was nursing a broken heart:

“Instead of asking why they left, now I ask, what beauty will I create in the space they no longer occupy?” ~ Rudy Francisco



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