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January 29, 2023

Oh, Virginia We Need You Now

Photo by Brian Magill on Pexels.

” I am not one and simple, but complex and many” Virginia Woolf – The Waves

As I softly nestle into writing I am hit with a wave and the words of my dear friend J return  “Renee you are turning into another Virginia Woolf”. When he first uttered this I was insulted and then after some soul-digging and exploration, I learned why.

This week I invited Virginia for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as her ” Room of One’s Own”.Together we dined, sipped tea and toast and explored what it means to be a creative female in this modern world.

I said yes to her sharing and her words filled my heart and soul.

According to Virginia female writers need money and a room of their own to be successful and possibly stay sane. I have added the ” sane”.  I agree and have taken this further adding that women writers need security to write and safety; every creative needs this, and women work hard to achieve this, especially on their own. In terms of relationships and sharing a life this has been my fear.

I ask myself: ” will my partner give me the space and freedom to create, will they be needy and selfish with time and attention, and will my future partner respect that I have taken my need for a room and created a house and a home?”

My house is my sanctuary and the quiet and serenity helps me to delve deep into creative work., At this stage of my creative writing and projects, I need space more than ever. My home has become an artistic cottage and a refuge from life’s storms.

As the week turned into the weekend a few more female writers joined in over coffee in the hub of my house. Austin, Emily and Virginia now all chimed in. I listened with full attention as I made my pour-over coffee. I watched in disbelief as they moved about the kitchen and laughed in succession. I leaned in and listened before offering my piece.

I have become my own home I offer. Any man that wishes to join me needs to understand this. Wherever I go I shall be my own home and I am open to travel and roam. When needed I will need to retreat to the quiet sanctuary with a cat, books and my pen. I want a man I do not need a man and I do have money and a room of my own. I have an entire house. They all nodded in admiration and glee and poured more honey into their tea.

Atlas, Virginia whispered, ” Darling, there are no excuses just write”.

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