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January 10, 2023

The thin line between FREEBIE LOADERS and (exchange)

Photo by Simon Berger on Pexels.

So yesterday, I was having a blissful 90-minute evening Balinese massage, but my mind would not relax; it was in overdrive…

Typical, hey, does this happen to you?

I was initially triggered by something, and I will come to that in a moment – but with any trigger, I ask myself what this is bringing up in me – which then leads me down the road to curiosity and growth…

Recently I gave away a FREE Canva workbook template (in exchange for a review). It was clearly stated in my copy.

I had put a lot of time, love and energy into creating this beautiful workbook, and over 100 people jumped in within two days to request it.

This made me extremely happy to spread the love, which they can then share with their clients and audiences…

But out of these 100-plus people, I got a handful of reviews; that’s all cool; I understand some people won’t have opened it, used it or even had time…

But here is where my trigger came in, a teenie weenie amount of people opted in for the workbook (then used it) and then removed themselves from my email list – I also saw one person has done this a few times; whenever I give something away, they are in in a FLASH, they back out even faster ?

Grab the FREEBIE then run…

My first initial thoughts were “How fricken rude – FREELOADER!” (I am really being honest here, fully transparent and not holding back) that’s my 2023 vibe.

So it got me questioning why?

I am not the FREEBIE police, by the way; I love a freebie now and again, too, don’t we all? ?

So where lies the line between FREELOADING and giving an exchange (everything is an exchange, whether that is gratitude, energy, money and review etc.)

By the way, I know this post may trigger some of you – that’s a good thing; believe me, it is an invitation to ask why.

But this is me speaking out, opening up my thoughts, and welcoming us to have a conversation.

Here is another example, I used to do a FREE Full moon meditation every month; I would wake up at 4 am here in Bali, and guide a powerful ritual online, which was evening time for my European audience.

People would turn up in their 100’s, and everyone loved it, myself included.

Yet when I started to ask for a donation (of any amount) in exchange for the meditation, everyone dropped like flies…

Why is this?

Please don’t get me wrong, I give out of love, and I love what I offer… I am just trying to understand the FINE LINE IN BETWEEN…

So, could I please ask you a few questions?

I think its a super interesting subject for us all to reflect on ?

1 – Do you have a business, and how do you feel about giving away FREEBIES?

2 – Are you someone who only takes FREEBIES but would n to invest, and why?

3 – What’s something that triggers you in your business, yet you are afraid to speak out about it? (for the fear of offending others)

4 – If this post triggered you, what is it bringing up within you (I will share below)

At first, I was triggered, and I’m all for being honest and transparent; my inner child appeared and felt not good enough, and my internal wounds from the times when I lacked confidence and worth surfaced.

So with this reflection, I gave my inner child love and compassion; she’s got this, always and forever.

The year 2023 is my year of TRUTH. I will be speaking my truth, showing my truth and being my truth – and I invite you to do the same.

I would love you to get involved in this conversation…


Mimi x x x

P.S. – Obvs I will still continue offering free gifts from time to time, opening up to a whole new ‘perspective’ – it’s a funny thing hey.

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