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April 29, 2023

A Woman In Your Arms

Photo by Văn Thắng on Pexels.

I thought I knew what it was like to be a woman, until I was a woman in your arms.


When I walked into our relationship, I had this idea of what I wanted in a partner, and let me tell you I was so sure I knew. I was ready to check all those damn boxes. 

But the way it felt to be taken care of by my man, envoked a softness in me that I never knew existed. A new way of being a woman, that never came to life, with all the boys that came before you. 

I thought I knew trust, until I felt a trust so deep I could give up the ‘strong independent woman’ card and let you lead. 

Because I no longer have to worry about a boy always selfishly choosing things for himself. 

You are a man who knows his woman. 

A man who protects his woman, and I thought I would be giving in, and giving away my power. I thought I always had to have my say in everything, but there’s a depth and connection I’ve never felt before, when I let my man be in charge. 

I thought I knew depth, until we talked through all the weird uncomfortable stuff like it was the weather. 

I thought I knew, until I let you into all the parts of my humanness that I keep from others. 

I thought I would be too much, until you were willing to support me and give me the reassurance I needed. 

I thought I knew what it was like to be safe with a partner, until I could collapse into a total mess and without skipping a beat, you would hold me. 

Ah the sweet sweet art of emotional safety. 

I thought I was clear on what I wanted, until we held each other in our arms and together, there was a healing so deep, it was like finding water in the dessert.  

It quenched all the right parts. 

Like medicine for our soul that we never knew we needed. 

I thought I was searching for something more, what I didn’t know was I was searching for depth, until I found that right here with you. 

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