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April 29, 2023

The Morning After Heartbreak

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

You know those mornings 

You wake up and feel like you got punched in the gut 

Eyes puffy from the night before 

Suddenly the memory comes rushing back 

And overtakes you 

The pain makes you curl in a ball

And there’s nothing to do 

But stay in bed 

And sleep the day away 

To hide from the pain 

To forget it 

Even just for a moment 

That someone else is in the arms 

You used to hold me with 

My mind races with all the things I can 

Do to forget 

That you are not coming back 

Show him how fast I can move on my brain says 

Sleep with someone else 

So you can forget him

Prove you don’t need him 

But I’ve played that story 

I know how it ends 

My mind keeps racing 

There has to be something 

But there’s a hole

In my heart 

No matter what I do 

It won’t fill it 

Because it’s not you 

So I find a new way 

To make me happy

Without you around 

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