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May 3, 2023

The power of your thoughts – Are they really the creators of your reality?

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By this time there might be no one who didn’t hear about the Law of Attraction in some form. It became so mainstream it almost leaks from the tap.

I, myself am a believer in the Law though I also believe in many other things as Free Will.

I also believe the Law of Attraction is much more than you, yourself manifesting things into reality just by a single thought the way Athena sprang out of the head of Zeus. I do not mean it in a sense that you close your eyes and strongly think of having free coffee and when you open it it’s there. My experience with it is -it takes so much more than just thinking – it’s a fine mixture of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, attention and even behavior. (Or maybe it’s my limiting belief…) Whatever the truth is the power of your thoughts can not be denied.

One thing that was really hard for me to understand regarding this was – “you are not your thoughts”. It kinda cracked my head. How is that even possible? I think my thoughts, I am this human being, I am this body, I have the brain, I have the mind, I think my thoughts then how am I not my thoughts?

Think about children. For them, anything is possible. They can play in a cardboard box and completely believe it’s a spaceship. They believe they are going to be an astronaut but let’s say their parents think it’s silly and they start to fill the kids head with things like: “Oh, you need to be very clever to do that. You need to go to special schools we do not have nearby. Then you’d be far from mommy. And it costs a lot of money, and we don’t have so much money. It’s not so easy as you would think, not everybody can be an astronaut and you are like this and that.” Etc. Now see that child probably will hear such things for years from people who should know their kids better and support them because they want best for their child. But if the child keeps hearing such things for years over and over again, she/he starts to believe it, so those things she keeps hearing become her own thoughts and she’ll believe she can’t be an astronaut because {list all the reasons here} but that wouldn’t make it valid.

Now imagine that child being told that she totally can become an astronaut because not everyone gets to be an astronaut and she is so and so. The parents identify her with positive things: very clever, brave, can handle anything that comes her way and hey, there’s a special school here and here she could go to. Guess how different that child’s future will be and how different the way they think about themselves will be.

You are not your thoughts but they create the base of your self concept and your perception of the wold and later become beliefs and habits that create your life. They will determine if the cup is half full or half empty for you. The way our caregivers think craves out a path of our thinking, the things we’re told as children end up being our own thoughts about ourselves but good new is you can rewire your brain and develop a new thought pattern about anything.

Stoic and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote: “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.”

Poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

I was about 18 when I was first introduced to the book called The Secret and so many things just didn’t make sense. I was so conditioned. In my case it was absolutely true that my thoughts were not me – but for me they were, so they created me. I inherited the thinking of my parents and close family. Our thoughts create our experiences, and thus, we experience what we think. In my family negative thinking, gossiping and being a pessimist is a base, so I guess you’re not surprised to read that most of my life experiences were negative. Thinking back now, I see often that the experience itself could be neutral or even good if I could have been able to think differently about the situation and myself. But I didn’t know about the fervent power of my thoughts, my mind. I was living in denial even. I brushed it off while dwelling on the past or fearing the future, always wishing the present moment to be something else, not quite understanding that the very things that I was thinking about, I was inching closer towards. It also made it easier to not take responsibility for my  life and what happened to me.

At the very fundamental level, thoughts are purely energy. They move across the synapses in our brains, jumping from one neuron to another, moving from one cluster to the next in lightning-fast speed. It’s a near-instantaneous process. A single thought can spark a flurry of activity. In a moment you can decide and commit to something,  that will move you in one path or the next towards your hopes and dreams. Those same thoughts can also fester and marinate in our minds, infecting our emotions and behaviors until it manifests itself into negative reality, or life experience.

A single thought on it’s own has now power – you have to actively invest your attention in them. The more attention you pay to them the more your brain believes they are true- and they begin to seem real. And when you engage with specific thoughts, you start to feel certain emotions that were triggered in the process—and enter a new emotional state which  influences how you act. As you continue to pay  attention to the initial though, it reaffirms the emotion, which  energizes the thought. And so you experience a continuous cycle of thinking and feeling and thinking and feeling. The result is an emotional state that makes you feel depressed, anxious or confident and joyful.  How you feel directly influences how your body reacts, that directly  influence how you behave, what actions do you take and what you experience in life. (The complexity of the Law, if you ask me.)

This is how your thoughts create your reality.

This also means that all our problems are not the problems but how we think about them. Our problems are nothing more than our emotional and body reactions to our thoughts about the problem.

We often want to change our reality, the life we live… we invest in things outside ourselves but the key to any lasting life changes lays inside of your head. If we can observe and change our attention or perception, we can change our emotional reaction, which then changes our body reaction, which ultimately changes how we act and experience our reality.

My dad is a kickboxing trainer and I used to train with him and enter championships when I was at elementary school and even at university. I used to really suck at it and for years I ended up last. I did all the trainings, extra running, diets, boot-camps – nothing helped. I got much better in skills but I was a failure in the ring. Before my fights my dad used to look up my opponent and told me how hard it will be to win because they are world champion, or she’s Russian and they are very good or I’m not in the best shape and my left hook is weak and I drop my right hand when defending, etc. I could be the best ever on the competition I could just not win because I believed what he said and thought the same things about myself. For him, this way of dealing with things is inspiring and boosts his confidence, for me it did the opposite – scared me sh*tless.

Until one day, he couldn’t sit behind me as a coach and someone else had to replace him. This guy kept telling me how good I am, what my strengths and best techniques are and I have a good stamina, I’m strong and the opponent is a beginner, it will be an easy match. Guess what? I won my first championship, against a Russian European champion. I didn’t change anything but the way I thought and felt about myself, and the things usually make me scared weren’t in sight (I wasn’t informed).

If you think you’re a failure, you’ll feel like a failure, and then you’ll act like a failure. As long as you give attention to the thought that you’re a failure, you’ll continue to experience this reality, which then reinforces your belief that you must be a failure. This is called a though pattern.

As you keep thinking the same thoughts, producing the same emotions and performing the same actions, you continue to live by the same experiences.
To change your life experience you have to rewire your brain and change your core beliefs and thought patterns – the way you’re thinking.

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