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June 6, 2023

A look back before taking that giant leap forward

I started working on this blog on the last few days in May and the energy feels unusually calm. If you are interested in listening to the podcast, please follow this link. It is amazing that we are almost half way into 2023, which is the numerological year #7 and signifies the year of change, evolution, analysis and wisdom. Time has definitely accelerated or at least it feels as though as we continue along the Ascension process. A few weeks ago, we wrapped up the first pair of eclipses and exited Mercury retrograde. We still have a set of eclipses in October. I have to admit that this month’s podcast has been more challenging than the last few because I just don’t feel the excited anticipation and heightened energy that I felt as we approached March and went into April. If you recall, we had two extremely powerful alignments in March; Saturn went into Pisces and then Pluto went into Aquarius. In April, there were also some pretty intense planetary shifts that many of us speculated would cause quite a stir in the 3 D Matrix, but it feels as though it was anticlimactic. However, there are still a few shifts on the horizon which may create yet another contraction in the birthing process as we continue ascending into this higher state of consciousness. As I look back on the intuitive feelings that there would be some major global occurrences, maybe there in fact there were, in that we went through some intense internal shifts and planted more seeds of higher awareness. Last month, my podcast focused on us lightworkers taking action. I would love to hear from all of you as to what action steps you took. This month’s theme is taking a look back before taking that giant leap forward.

Although March and April felt pretty powerful, June is the month that I had intuitively felt, earlier this year, as being the most tumultuous since Pluto will retrograde and return back into Capricorn mid-month and stay there for the rest of the year. Additionally, Saturn will shortly there-after retrograde in Pisces until November of this year. And then at the end of the month, we will have 3 outer planets in retrograde, as Neptune will join Pluto and Saturn in retrograde, which will possibly be impacting the collective as the outer planets have more of an influence of the collective. And then in July, we will change nodes from Taurus/Scorpio axis to Aries/Libra axis. Aries, which is the sign of the individual, will be the focus for the next year and a half. Although the energy is clam at the moment, it may not necessarily stay that way.

With Pluto going into retrograde, there will likely be more uncovering of the shadow aspects of the 3D matrix. For the last few years, it has been quite challenging to see the magnitude of the atrocities in the world. It is not that this hasn’t always been there, but it appears amplified because it is time for all of us to really see the shadow in order for it to be alchemized as we replace this old system with one of a higher consciousness. However, when examining the state of the world, it is easy to feel angry and discouraged at all of this but it is important for us to examine it with detachment and remain in a state of unconditional love for all, which includes those who are perpetrating atrocities as well as those in cognitive dissonance of it. Remember, we were once there too. In our previous incarnations, we were the perpetrators of the dark as we needed to explore the shadow aspects of reality in order to evolve, not to mention we were and still are in some level of cognitive dissonance. Additionally, those who are living in a lower state of consciousness are playing an important role in this ascension process, primarily to wake humanity from this cognitive dissonance.

With Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn, June is the month for us to start to continue exploring even further the depths of our cognitive dissonance as we move into his new age. I remember a very profound experience I had after visiting Mt. Shasta for the second time on the Grand Conjuncture on the winter solstice of 2020, which opened my eyes to some of my own cognitive dissonance. When I left the mountain, not only did I keep feeling it pulling me back but I received a very strong message. The message was that big cities were going to become increasingly more dangerous and eventually become dinosaurs and I was to move out of Chicago as soon as possible. When I had arrived back home and drove into the city and saw the Chicago skyline, which was something I had always loved, it felt as though it was horribly wrong. The vibe of the city with all the concrete buildings epitomized a lifestyle that never fit me. For quite a while I had been questioning how healthy was it to live in the city. I had this desire to live in nature, grow my own food and be part of a community. Although I had always been self-employed and didn’t live the fast paced life that most do, I was still influenced by it. Most people work a 40 plus hour a week jobs with very little downtime or time off and seem to be very unhappy, stressed and unfulfilled, not to mention chronically ill. As a psychologist who worked in downtown Chicago for over 15 years before moving here to Mt. Shasta, one of the main issue that most of my clients presented to me was the lack of community. I found it so interesting that in a city of 3 million people, so many felt so terribly lonely. I felt the same way. Our modern world, especially those working in corporate America, are so disconnected from each other probably because everyone is working so much and just trying to get by. I have always found it so odd that with all the modern conveniences we are still working so hard and that many of the jobs that we hold only serve to support this unhealthy structure. There is this normalized tension to be part of this fast-paced and overworked culture. Additionally, those living in the city are more affected by the pollution in the air, water and food, not to mention the EMFs from 5 G. We are so disconnected from not only nature, but our food as well. This lifestyle is killing us not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually. We need to stop normalizing this lifestyle. After moving here, I have to say I am significantly healthier. I wonder if this is the one of the outcomes of this new age, where we begin moving back to small tribes and building self-sustainable communities. This retrograde in June will give us the opportunity to take a look at what isn’t working in our lives so that we can build a new world as we move forward in this ascension process. Sending all of you love and light from Mt. Shasta. I am so excited to be sharing another amazing month with all of you. Stay tuned for next blog post in July!

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