October 9, 2023

I’m Leaving our Music in the Concert Hall.

leaving our music

hasty judgments struck from

a keyboard of false accusations

the melody becomes percussive

pounding frantic rhythms—the tempo of my nightmares

no harmony in our duet with bitter notes and

minor chords—no delight in our composition

what would happen if we changed our tune

listened alternatively to notes of love’s celebration

why not sing instead a nocturne chorus

perhaps a symphony or serenade

I’m hiding in an interlude of rhapsody—

legato—may we tune our hearts instead to love songs

I can’t stop loving you

lean on me

all I have to do is dream

save the last dance for me

instead I hear your endless empty promises

combined with sarcasm replacing good intentions

you chip away at my feelings of self-worth

while I bolster my courage to run from your abuse

bravely I seek a shelter where boldness burns and

builds—I have no more appointments with fear

secure in the knowledge there’s a shelter from your

aggressive symphony meant to conquer and control

brave now, I’m no longer your terrified, passive audience

slowly I’ll be free to compose my own melody

with a chorus of new elements and interludes

meant to press forth to a new-found autonomy

as I slow my tempo, rehearse my sonata—a solo voice

who recognizes ecstasy, accompanied now by violins of truth

wanting not to be battered, intimidated, or isolated

no longer accepting dissonance—no longer your victim

I pray for ease in my life—adagio—returning

slowly to my original pitch and beat awaiting

a finale to this mutiny where illumination composes

my decisions now, and in tune, I’ll belt out a new chorus

filled with notes of courage, strength, and joy

into a new concert hall of my own promises


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Read 4 comments and reply

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