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11 Awe-inspiring office decoration ideas for Diwali

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November 6, 2018
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Where do we spend the maximum time of our routine? Well, the answer is the office! Therefore, We call it our second home, which requires decorations and enhancements whenever the need arises. As Diwali is around the corner, we cannot leave our office spaces to look dull and boring. Can you? We bet not.

Decorating the office environment just as we do for our homes can bring in the positive festive flavor. Some brightness with diyas, few colors with rangolis, subtle fragrances with flowers and the office space is set to sparkle for the festive season!

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India; however, not all offices go on a vacation. There is only a day or a two given as off, and rest are working days. Instead of feeling lousy and thinking about how others are celebrating the Diwali week at home, it is much better to engage in office decoration and create a shining space around the workaholics.

This way, the spirit of the festival stays alive and the employees can prove to be productive as well. That’s a win-win for both employees and employers, right?

Let us check out some creative and inspiring decoration ideas for office this Diwali and try them out to give a unique transformation to our office spaces. Are you ready? Here we go!


Decoration starts at the entrance. And the most welcoming gesture one can bring in is with the rangoli. It can be done with flowers or colors the idea should be a long-lasting first impression. While the colors can add brightness to the environment, flowers, on the other hand, can spread freshness around. Another interesting idea can be to merge both the options.  If there is any other open space in the premises, it can have a huge rangoli with some wonderful prosperity messages for one and all.


Indian festivals are incomplete without the toran at the entrance. Why not use our office stationery to make the office torans? That’s fantastic. We always have papers, staplers, and tapes at the office. It is easy and quick to make colourful DIY flowers and stick them to a rod made with paper. Besides a toran, the paper can be used to make leaves, buds, and lots of other things that can complement the entire decoration.
The classic idea of office decoration with frill can never be wrong. Colorful frills hanging over the cubicles or just wrapped around the cubicles either way looks attractive. Also, these frills can make a poster of ‘Happy Deepawali’ too. No idea can be quick and easy than using frills. Most of the offices always have the frills, and there is no need for one to buy them all again. You can be hang them anywhere and everywhere, right from the entrance to the office rooms, conference rooms, and so on.


Of course! No Diwali decor is complete without diyas. Office people can buy colorful tea lights and hand-painted diyas and spread them at every corner of the place. There has to be lights at every spot of the office, and diyas make it a perfect deal. Candles are another good decoration items that you can use. You can light candles and keep them on the ground or on tables. Make sure there is no electronic stuff around.


It is unfortunate that greetings have become out of fashion. However, we can use the colorful papers from the office stationery and make interesting Diwali greeting cards for our colleagues and bosses. Such an inspiring idea can add many happy-go-lucky moments at the office and make the environment cheerful.

In addition to this, sending secret messages to the team members (all positive though) sounds like switching on the celebration mode too. Besides, posters can also be made with interesting Diwali messages and stuck at the doors and walls of the office.


Creative minds can go anyway. Sweets and chocolates are not just gifts; one can use them for office decoration too. Nowadays, these edible goodies come in attractive wrapped packages. They can be arranged in the main area of the office, or the small ones can be kept at everyone’s cubicles. It looks colorful and bright, and everyone can relish them after or during the Diwali celebrations.


Different colors of flowers can be purchased and used innovatively all around the office space as decorations. Flowers can be used to make garlands or can be made into long lines to hand around the corners of the office rooms. The petals can be spread into the drawers, in the diyas and along the borders of the ground spaces with an idea to add freshness everywhere in the office. Marigold and roses are the most common options in offices for an interesting decoration. They are easily available in the market too.

Diwali is called the festival of lights and using the tiny fairy lights all over the space can be one of the best Diwali office decoration ideas. One can bring either white lights or colorful twinkling lights and cover the walls or pillars of the office. In addition to this, pictures of the employees can be hanged in between the long length of the fairy lights. These lights instantly add a positive element to the surroundings, and one will not need anything else. Try that!

The office stationery can be a creative treasure. Papers, tapes, bags, cardboards, wrappers, and anything can be used to make some cute and innovative paper crafts. You can arrange these crafts on the desks of every team member. This is one of the most amazing ideas that also can unite the employees and hang around together. The final outcome will be a happy mood and a productive office environment.

Decoration ideas can never fall short. If you are looking for something really special, then you can decorate your office spaces with light-weight, colorful dupattas and drapes. This can be a fresh idea of office decoration. Also, it is eco-friendly. There is no waste of any resources. Every employee can bring one or two dupattas, hang them over the walls or connect them through the cubicles, or use as colorful partitions. Any idea with the drapes can be the best idea for your office.
This is another green office decoration idea that one can make use of. Every person has a jewel junk at homes which are not in use. Useless items at home can be turned into decorative items for the office. These items can decorate the entire space. For instance, one can break the bangles and turn them into designs.

Beads, earrings, and even necklaces can make creative designs on the floor or on the office desks. It is definitely a great and unique idea that not many of them might have used in offices. You can be the first one to initiate the special and distinctive Diwali decor idea. Go for it.
The above-mentioned ideas for office decoration are easy and effective. You can use any of them all or merge a couple of ideas and create a wonderful space in your office. The motto should be a happy and energetic mood around. When your environment is colorful, then everyone can have a smile on their faces. Also, it is an interesting team building activity as all the members come together and decorate their working space.

Diwali decorations come with games, fun, and office parties. You can dress up traditionally, exchange homemade sweets and snacks, go for lunches, have potluck lunch parties at the office, and just be excited about the festival. After all, it is Diwali guys the biggest festival make sure you celebrate it with an open heart. If you have still not picked up the Diwali office decoration idea, then host an office meeting, talk with other team members, and come out with interesting ideas.

Do share your office decoration pictures with us, and feel free to comment your views on our 11 interesting ideas. Happy Diwali to all you working people out there!

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