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5 ways you can improve your air quality

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November 8, 2018
Hassan Zulfiqar
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People often assume air pollution as a problem related to the outdoor environment. However, the air inside our homes due to different appliances and their released chemicals can be polluted even more than the outdoor. Therefore, you must know how to improve your living conditions and avoid any health problems that can be caused by poor quality in your home.

Keep Your Floor Fresh

Chemical and allergens found upon the surface of the floor add up to the air pollution for a long time. Hence, you must be fully aware and have proper equipment like vacuum cleaners to completely remove them off the floor. Moreover, you should be acknowledged by the fact that most of the chemicals found on your floor come through dirt under the shoes. Place a floor mat at the start of the door to reduce the amount of dirt and chemicals.

Take the Greenery Outside

Having plants indoor your home seems to be a fascinating idea for everyone. However, you must know that these plants contribute to the growth of mold which is a problem for people affected by allergy. The best way to combat with the allergic issues is to avoid their causes as much as possible. Some plants may be referred to like the ones that improve air quality as they release oxygens, but still, the allergic factor cannot be ignored regarding them.

Let the Fresh Air In

In hot climate areas, windows remodeling is the step you must opt for with a proper plan. Make it sure that you are using window curtains and blinds in an effective way. Let the fresh air enter your interior options as much as possible in summer. Correspondingly, remove the air contaminants from inside by running the fan especially in the kitchen. The fresh air should also be allowed to enter in winter for some time to have a healthy atmosphere.

Invest in Air Purifier

Other than windows remodeling, to improve air quality, you should do an investment in an air purifier. The air purifier will help you to tackle allergic issues significantly in case you cannot eliminate its sources. It will capture the air irritants quickly and will remove them easily. Similarly, you can also use a dehumidifier for the reduction of mold growth in places like bathrooms and basements.

Whole House Ventilation Systems

Well, this is the system most of the home renovation contractors recommend to enjoy a comfortable environment to live in. It has been marked as one of the biggest trends in home renovation industry in recent times. It circulates clean air all over the home by removing impurities from it. It also takes an account of the temperature and sets it according to the desire of the homeowners. Generally, it is a termed as one of the best return-on-investment in the home renovation project.

In the end, in the era of global warming, it is very necessary to do measures which provide you a peaceful and healthy environment to live in.

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