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Are we turning into Spiritual bots?

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October 3, 2018
Jay Saadhak
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Are we turning into Spiritual bots?
Spirituality has a different meaning to different people, but from a positive psychology perspective it can be defined as a deep sense of belonging, of wholeness and of connectedness. However in this modern technological world we live in very often people use artificial means to seek a deeper sense of these virtues. Primitively spirituality has been established and developed through connecting as beings, close contact, feeding from another’s energy. Can technology help to expand this ability to connect or does the artificial nature limit spiritual boundaries.


Developing our spirituality can help us deal with life’s challenges and grow into a better, more whole and happy person. Is technology enhancing this through opportunities to connect or are we disconnecting from our true selves and being replaced by artificial intelligence.

Individuals with shallow spirituality may have a diminished sense of self-worth and turn to social media-based interactions for validation from others, whether human or artificial. ‘Likes’ and ‘Reposts’ are now the milestones of self-worth, the more we achieve the better we feel and the more spiritually minded we perhaps become.

However, take the picture sharing platform, Instagram. Images on there can do one of two things, lift us up or remind us of limitations. Pictures on the feed can be coloured in a negative hue, such as a bustling street somewhere in the world, full of colour and life, reminds the individual that they are limited to the boundaries of their house because of their anxiety or depression. Or even a sharp photo of friends can be detrimental to a person if they feel they are unable to be with them.


In this state, a spiritually minded person may choose to avoid social media and focus on the parts of life they can control: eating, sleeping, and trying to connect with others.
If there is one thing that spirituality can add to your life it is a sense of hope and optimism. Spirituality strengthens our outlook for a better future, do we really need social media to be our crutch!?

Compassion and Understanding
It is easy to look at others with judgment and criticism, but when we start to grow spiritually we can see how much healthier it is to cultivate compassion and understanding for others instead. Social media and wider technology allows us to reach out for others, to gather understanding and to grow our ability to seek compassion.


The internet, webinars, webcams, groups, forums and so forth all offer the opportunity to step out of our tribal identity and into a domain of awareness that is more universally known, very much like spirituality. To seek support within our local community has the danger of alienation. Whereas technology at our fingertips may offer the compassion and understanding we have been seeking. When we look at life through a compassionate lens we can grow a sense of connection to others, this positive impact can be achieved via modern day technology.

Sense of Purpose and Meaning
According to the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, “in a modern world that is consumed with materialism, which moves at a frantic pace, and which is frayed by cultural, racial and religious divisiveness, the yearning of the human spirit to connect and find meaning is sometimes overlooked.”

We are acutely aware that technology, social media and the like is in the make-up of a child’s development. We are alive for a reason and are meant to contribute something to the world. Technology allows this overlooked connection and meaning to become a real opportunity for many. Social media is a stark reminder that people can access a feeling that our life is worthwhile and that we aren’t just here by some random mistake. Is this a golden opportunity for spiritual awakening or an artificially created falsity?!

Inspiration and Appreciation
Life is full of inspiration when we are looking for it. There is also much to be grateful for despite the struggles and challenges we face. Technology and artificial intelligence can act as a gateway into this portal of inspiration and appreciation. Through spiritual growth we can learn to see the beauty and wonder in our day to day life. The things we often take for granted can start to offer us greater inspiration and joy.

Peace of Mind
Technology is a double-edged sword. It can be used to help humankind, but also to destroy it. Yet we need to understand that it is not technology but humans using technology who wield it to cause harm. Technology also gives us an ever-increasing access to choices and may fuel our greed. The fear of missing out, especially on social media, is very high.


However, part of spirituality is connecting to a higher power. Whatever name or label we give to this spiritual source is irrelevant, as could the method in which we connect to it! Spirituality is nothing else but understanding ourselves, gaining peace of mind and comprehension of laws of the universe through the tools of science and technology.


We feel and enjoy this world though our senses and our bodies. Getting a human body is the most important gift we have, something which artificial intelligence cannot obtain truly. Almost all technological interventions are to enhance this sense-world interaction. In coming years, technology will provide spirituality with additional tools to create a much deeper sense of self and others.


– Sree Maa

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0 Heart it! Jay Saadhak 13
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