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Soul Mate Love (A Poem)

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August 21, 2018
Katrina Ruth
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I wrote this poem as a way of unapologetically claiming some of my deepest desires when it comes to meeting and experiencing Soul Mate Love.

I believe we can write our reality, but first, we need to be brave enough to claim and acknowledge what it is we truly desire to have.

Have you voiced your deepest dreams and desires?

Soul Mate Love

I dream of soulmate love …
I dream of days filled with laughing and hysteria (the good kind!) …
I dream of Incredible conversation that goes here and there and everywhere, and SO deep …
I dream of astral travel sex and also some pretty next level on earth sex …
I dream of deep connection –
Of knowing we are meant to be together –
Of looking into his eyes, and in there seeing my soul reflected back at me, and
I dream of the deep deep certainty that this was the only way it was ever meant to be and ever could beI feel and know his thoughts
His needs
His desires
And him mine
We might not see each other for a hundred years
And a million tears
But it will be as though time was suspended, fully

i love you unconditionally
i love you just as you are
i love you no matter what you do
or do not
i love you just because
there’s nothing to do to be worthy of that
and nothing you can do to change that

I imagine how it would be, to be like that, and it feels, it feels, it feels …
And as though, surely, if I see it inside of me then it is
my dream to dreamland available for me,

and also, available, for you!

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0 Heart it! Katrina Ruth 56
0 Heart it! 56

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