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Who are you, and what have you done with America?

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June 18, 2018
Gabriella Dahali-Jarrett
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I know many when they see the word humanitarian, they will stop reading. That’s ok. Unfriend me as I am going to post a political and opinion post.

I am not a label. I am not a country. I am not a political party. I am a human. And as such I follow the course of ethics that helps humans to find compassion and love for our neighbors as Jesus, Buddha, and all the religious and spiritual teachings share.

We have reached a point where we cannot have it both ways. You cannot all but eviscerate one side while allowing the other side to do what you have explicitly criticized the other side for doing.

My point being you cannot call on family values and at the same time allow others to be ripped from their families.

You cannot in good faith call yourself pro-life when there are others who are dying to get to safety and seek refuge for their families through our borders. Pro-life means all life, all of life is sacred. Not based on a border, ethnicity, sexual orientation, the way we treat animals for food…It means you value all life on this planet. And when that life is in harms way, you seek to change it and help.

Where we live, we do not have to fear others daily coming to take our children, exploit our families for labor, or kill us to fulfill a political situation we did not create.

This is why you would seek refuge, you would seek to leave all that you know to protect your family.

If you have children, look at them and then tell me that you would not do everything within your ability to protect them. Even if it means walking away from all that you’ve known in order to try to find peace and protection.

Any of us would. And in many cases our families and ancestors did just that which is why we are here. I come from immigrants. I come from the people who worked on the farms to put food on the tables. My family was not legal. They were seeking a better life for their family.

Seeing the pictures of families being torn apart, children being taken from their parents. This is not how I was raised. I was taught that instead of building a wall, we make our tables bigger and invite all to sit with us.

Some will call me liberal snowflake. Go ahead. But currently, there are no religions that can support in their text this type of inhumanity.

“The Southern Baptist Convention, which is a conservative evangelical denomination, called on Tuesday for immigration reform that includes, “the priority of family unity.”

Stating, “we declare that any form of nativism, mistreatment, or exploitation is inconsistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called the policy immoral.

I cannot see any other way than to do what Jesus and religious leaders of every belief state, which all boils down to the Golden Rule. We are to love our neighbors. We are not here to live the seven deadly sins. We are here to be of service. To share our spaces. To help.

We must in fact, act.

We cannot in good faith watch as a policy (that it really doesn’t matter if it’s Republican or Democrat) tears children from their families and traumatizes children and parents.

We cannot state that we want family values and then treat our brothers and sisters as if their love and protection of their families is not a family value.

We are an earthly family. We are human. We protect our children. We protect those we love, we need to see that others are protecting their families.

If you know of a true, not made up or bastardized religion that would support this effort and policy, please inform me, I just don’t think they exist.

If you comment and you’re a jackass I will remove you and your comment.

Please, remember we are here to love our neighbors, to show up, to share what we have, not horde it away. Grow your tables, expand your compassion.

As an advocate and human, please act, first with LOVE.

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0 Heart it! Gabriella Dahali-Jarrett 63
0 Heart it! 63

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