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January 15, 2021

Why Positive Thinking Isn’t the Key to Manifestation After All

The law of attraction is stressful.

Well, “the old” one is anyway. I actually want to go to Esther Hick’s house and say, “What the hell, lady? Why do you want all of us to think we have to be positive 24/7? Why do you want us to associate meditation with productivity?”

After years and years of being taught to Think Happy. Be Happy, I began to realize we have totally mind f*cked ourselves. Happy, Happy thoughts about a car won’t cause one to show up. I think you can agree with that.

I’ve tried to make ice coffees appear out of nowhere more times at my desk than I can count.

Yet, it’s the flip side of the Law of Attraction I’m mad at:

  • To think that we must think happy thoughts or a bus will come through our living room door is just bananas.
  • To think we have to ask for 7 things before breakfast, is crazy.
  • To think that we cannot visit the dark corners of our mind without ruining our life, is also total bullsh*t.

Isn’t the wish list game just a perpetual loop? A struggle? A dance for more, and more and more? Then being unhappy with less, and then needing more? And, also requiring yourself to be happier to get it?

Burn your affirmation list for a moment because here’s the truth: dark thoughts come dancing through your mind because you are ready to sit down with them and examine them…and, Manifestation is the elimination of the dark corners of your mind which has created space for the beautiful things you’ve been asking for.

I have become the master of creation, master of Manifesting like a Motherf*cker, because I visit the dark corner of my mind every morning with a trash bag.

I come with a smile on my face and I say, “Who’s ready to go?”

I feel the feelings.

I eliminate the things in the way of the feelings regularly: shopping, drinking, workaholism… so I can further feel the feelings.

I do not fear negativity as a consequence for negative actions. I know that the dark corners of my mind are tiptoeing out from under my bed to say, “Hi. I am sorry, and I’m scared, and it’s time for me to leave.”

My mind becomes more beautiful everyday, and that’s true Manifesting. It’s a cleaning out, it’s a parade of gifts.

It is not a bargaining tool.

It is a daily practice.

And, it’s only the truly brave and beautiful that are rewarded.

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