Ecosystem Leaderboard: This Month’s Contenders.

Check out the front-runners for this MONTH’s Ecosystem contest.

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The Contenders:

#1 Galina Singer Editor's Pick

10 Harsh Truths about Love: #7 Cheating Happens.

#2 Karuna Schwartz Editor's Pick

2 Words from the Dalai Lama that Destroyed my Ego & Set me Free.

#3 Roopa Swaminathan

A 6-Word Phrase that Annoys the F*ck Out of Me when all I’m Looking for is Support.

#4 Cheryl Kuszyk Editor's Pick

The Real Reason we Push Love Away: We’re Choosing to Be Alone.

#5 Galina Singer

10 Harsh Truths about Love: What I’ve Learned from 32 Years of Marriage.

#6 Vickee Boyd Editor's Pick

How to Survive in the Days & Weeks After a Sexual Assault.

#7 Galina Singer

10 Harsh Truths about Love: #1 You’re Expecting Too Much.

#8 Janice Dolk Editor's Pick

2 Words to Remember When Despair Creeps In.

#9 Damini Grover Editor's Pick

The Biggest Sign of Lack of Self-Love (& How to Fix it).

#10 Damini Grover

7 Reasons You Still Haven’t Moved On from your Past Relationship.

#11 Gillian Reingold Editor's Pick

Tools of an Empath: What I’m doing to Avoid a Calloused Heart.

#12 Roopa Swaminathan

Life & Time wait for No One: 5 Things I was Crazy about a Decade Ago that I No Longer Use.

#13 Michelle Dowd

What I Learned from my Uber Driver on a $79.07 Ride.

#14 Amanda Gist

What’s Different about my Suicidal Thoughts this Suicide Prevention Week.

#15 Erica Leibrandt

How to Turn Down the Volume on your Inner Body Critic & Empower Yourself (For Real).

#16 Glen Fielding Editor's Pick

If you Feel like a Misfit in Child’s Pose, Try This.

#17 Bonnie Tai

A Month in the Life of a Recovering Workaholic.

#18 Yael Terramel Weisbach

How my Husband Won my Heart—after Seven Years of Marriage!



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