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April 27, 2022

New Leadership Required

Where did all of the employees go?!


We are in the middle of what’s been called a “great resignation” and a “great reshuffle.” This wave of resignation illustrates the vast numbers of people saying “no” to that which doesn’t add value and meaning to their lives.


People are protesting the way things are and demanding change. People are saying “yes” to themselves, their lives, and their values.


There is a need for leaders who are internally developed and psychologically mature to create the nurturing environments needed to face times of ambiguity and conflict.


The types of leaders needed now, amidst so much change and transformation are not the same types of leaders needed in the past. The world is demanding new forms of leadership. The expectation used to be that those in leadership roles had all the answers, made the big decisions, and communicated changes down the line of command. This power over leadership is not proving effective. It’s harmful and poisons the water of organizational culture, leaving an aftertaste of toxicity.


The world and the workforce are changing. People are no longer tolerating work at organizations where they don’t feel valued, respected, seen, and heard. Those at the top of organizational hierarchies need a new set of skills. The leaders needed now are compassionate, open, adaptive, humble, collaborative, transparent, values-based, and purpose-driven. These leaders might not have all the solutions, but they have the skills to bring out the best in their teams. They know that the solutions will arise from collaboration – not commands.

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