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July 1, 2022

Don’t FU#K With My Freedom: A Letter to All Who Support Women.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.

A letter to all who SUPPORT women:

Do NOT back down!
Do NOT let fear or the illusion of defeat EVER be the reason you do not stand for your worth and your rights!
What kind of life will you live if you do NOT speak up, if you do not give this every ounce of fire you have in your soul?
What do you value that could be lost?
Your independence, your bodily autonomy, your freedom to choose how to live your life?

Change hearts, change minds by sharing YOUR story!
Share YOUR perspective…how you REALLY FEEL…
do not be afraid to be seen.

I see you. I see your pain because it’s my pain.
I see your doubt and fear and confusion about HOW IN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!

So we change it.

FACT: The majority of this country DOES NOT AGREE WITH THIS…check our past election numbers.

FACT: We have a Supreme Court that does NOT reflect our views because WE did NOT vote them in!
We WILL change this – 11/8/22.

VOTE TO SHIFT THE SENATE & CONGRESS, so they can expand the Supreme Court to restore our FREEDOM…our rights as WOMEN!

The fall of our freedom isn’t about to happen…it’s happening.

But here’s the thing about women – when we fall, we pick ourselves up. We have become experts at it.
We have practiced for this moment:

– Every time you have faced a fear
– Every time you have been brave enough to be authentic
– Every time you have stuck up for a friend who was hurting
– Every time you set healthy boundaries
– Every time you have felt the rage of injustice…

You were practicing.
Now, it’s time to show up – it’s your moment!

We get back up because we are fierce, strong, independent, powerful women who WILL NOT TAKE THIS SHIT.



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