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July 25, 2022

Hope Found Me In the Stillness Of A Summer Night

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.

On a hot summer’s night, Covid found me. To be honest I thought perhaps even Covid didn’t want me or that I had somehow magically found some way to be skipped over. Such are thoughts of a person hallucinating. While I watched a documentary on alternative drug therapies Covid raged in my body and my fever soared.

The air was so thick you could slice it and the night became a strange combination of Salvador Dali meets LSD trip.

My advice to anyone with Covid is to skip the documentaries.

At first, I blamed the strange Chinese Medicine topical treatment I had early that day. As soon as that concoction touched my skin I felt a change in my body. Perhaps it sped up the whole Covid process and helped brew the Covid bug along.

My dear friend shared with me that it was the first time in a year that I slowed down enough to relax enough to allow my body to get sick, and I think he was right. Excessive working and business are symptoms of trauma and survival.

Yes, Covid found me and reminded me of my human fragility and the importance of slowing down. I once again sat beneath trees for long periods and walked for leisure, not exercise. I ate to nourish and drank a wide range of teas. Poetry became an elixir during the hot nights as well as frozen grapes.

Anger slowly left me and peace returned as I slowly surrendered and in my surrender, Hope found me and held me tenderly during my longest Covid night. Hope spoke to me with courage and tenderness. She wiped my brow and whispered encouraging words as only Hope could.

Hope took away the computer and gave me a pen and then she turned off the phone and helped me write my way back to sleep. ” Let go” Hope whispered followed by ” release” this s nearly over and soon you will be back to feeling like yourself dear one.

I thanked my friend Hope and I tenderly held my own hand while peaceful slumber found me still and in stillness healing came.

In the morning I welcomed the morning light. I was grateful that Hope found me in the stillness of a summer night.

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