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July 7, 2022

Today, we decide to Believe. 7/7 Portal manifesting

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What if you were approached by a respected prophet who gave you the knowledge that you could determine how the rest of your life unfolds? Maybe you long to be successful in your career. Or to have the freedom of heart to speak your truth with anything that sets your soul on fire. But you only have this one day; every other day from here would only support and follow this one decision you made today.

Would you toss it on the back burner and wait until tomorrow? Would you be too afraid to take the leap for fear of the unknown? I suspect that many people would take it if they “knew” that this was a proven truth. For whatever reasons, many of us decide to stay locked up in our security blankets. Those familiar places may not even be a healthy place to reside, but if it’s all we know, then that is what we prefer. Another portion of us want so bad to grow and change, but we forget how to listen to our inner compass, so the road looks blurry. There are even a few of us that do not believe we are deserving of a better life. Anything that comes to us offering us that happiness, no matter how hard we have prayed for it, will be subconsciously ruined. The root of these issues has and always will be fear.

But not on this day; this is the day that no matter how you feel or what you’re afraid of, you will decide what is next for you. For the sake of argument, let’s say you choose to let go of fear. Fear is a mental aspect of our lives that we have created anyhow. It is not absolute and only exists because we bring it to fruition in our lives. Retrospectively, how often has fear stood in between you and something you desperately craved? For instance, a career you know would bring passion to your life has been waiting for you. You haven’t made the steps because of the what-ifs or what could be. The most essential truth is that somewhere in your mind, you either believe you are not worthy or would fail. There may be plenty of valid excuses you tell yourself and the world, but the core truth is that you are afraid. You may be fearful because you grew up being groomed that anything you did was wrong. Maybe you grew up and fell into the weave of needing to please people. External validation has become your only sense of identity, so failure would not be something you could risk.

Potentially your dream has always been to have a healthy and happy home life. It is our nature as human beings to want to “belong” and have that ultimate connection to those we meet. We have moved away from that and almost glorified the opposite somewhere along the generations. Being alone and “independent” holds more value than the ever-dying love we once let our hearts beat for. From my own perspective, this is another realm where fear has played a considerable role.
Along with social acceptability and “norms,” fear has taught us that relationships can hurt more than we are willing to live through. On the other side, We have been taught that when we commit ourselves to another human being, we have to stick with it, even if we discover it is not the appropriate fit. People with multiple life partners carry a stigma that something is wrong or broken within them, all based on a “failed” relationship. This is unfair because the true nature of everything on this planet is change. Not one thing is permanent, not even our existence in these bodies! Maybe I speak for myself that these social constructs have embedded their way into our heads so far that we are robbed of the opportunity to make a happy life with someone.

Remember that we have chosen to let go of fear on this day. We were handed one chance to break all of our barriers by releasing fear. From this day forward, we will be given the tools from the multiverse or whatever we believe in to support our journey into our dream life. We walk our path, and our thoughts and voices are something to reckon with. Our opinions and outlooks are essential, and people will feel the value of each word we release. Our hearts are free to love who we choose without placing boundaries on ourselves or others. We will know our life has a deeper meaning than what we take at face value. Our passions will soar, and there will not be one thing that can stand in our way.

It would be a good thing at this point to ask yourself, what is the difference between this day and any other day? The difference is that on this day, you decided to BELIEVE. It was never the prophet telling you there was something special about a specific time; YOU had to believe it for it to become true. There is only power to what we decide to place emphasis upon. Whether it is an opinion of ourselves based on a viewpoint that never belonged to us or the fear of doing anything ends unfavorably. It was always our belief that held that power and created that truth. So please, allow me to be the prophet that informs you that on this day, you can decide to change your entire life, and you will be given all the tools necessary to make it real. All you have to do is believe.

*On this day, we decide to believe. May you walk a path of unwavering authenticity and never be fearful of sharing your truth.

*May the sky above and the earth below shower you with the strength to listen to your inner guide.

*On this day, we regain the power to steer our heart, body, and soul towards the inner light that craves to shine from our darkness.

*On this day, we choose to believe.

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