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August 26, 2022

Change Is Possible

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

Recently President Biden announced a plan for US citizens and the forgiveness of student loans and my heart soared for America.

I’m not going to lie my heart also ached for my own financial stress with student debt.

I’m a Canadian and still hustling to make my $1400 hundred a month payments fifteen years past graduation. I’ve paid half of my loan and half to go!

As a young mother I returned to get my degree and I have no regrets.

Financial stress however, has played a huge role in my extracurricular activities or lack there of. I make a good wage and still there seems to be lack.

In all my spare time I’m busy creating ways to make extra funds. I have more than one side hustle and I’m not alone.

This isn’t a pity party write up it is a heart-cracking open. Embracing debt takes strength.

I remind myself of the years spent raising a child solo and everything I have achieved and earned. I will not be beaten down.

My personal struggles have become a source of drive. I’m inspired to rise each day to overcome again and again and I am not alone.

Social change is possible. As I writer I’ve learned to write from the heart. As you read this if you are discouraged and feel like giving up know you are not alone.

There are good things happening in our world each day and change is possible. My hope is that Canada will be inspired by the US and follow suit.

If this short piece resonates please speak out and share!

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