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August 31, 2022

Many Seniors Live in Poverty

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.

Many elderly people and people in so-called “third world countries” all over the world live in poverty.  Many professionals are still paying off student loans.  There have been many business failures in the past few years.  Fears of a recession loom on the horizon.

There are 7.753 billion people in the world.  There were 727 million over age 65 worldwide in 2020 according to the United Nations. This figure will double by 2050.

There are no typical elderly people.  A friend said she knew someone lived to be 100 and there was nothing wrong with him. A relative of mine was fortunate to live a bit shy of 100.

Women tend to live longer than men.  This post too dry for you?  Well, stay tuned:  in 2020 women account for 55 percent of the global population are over 65 or over.  Globally, older people live alone or with a partner is growing.

There may be many factors at play:  genetics, social support, income, education, good climate conditions, availability of health care, and ?

News articles reveal seniors in Japan commit crimes so they will have shelter in prison and guarantees of meals.  Often such seniors are quickly released.  Japan does not have a safety net for seniors.  Because of this, seniors keep committing crimes in order to have a home and food.

Farmers in India are committing suicide.

Risks of dying of COVID is much higher, the greater one’s age.

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