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November 18, 2022

Your Pain Is A Goldmine

The purpose of life is to EXPERIENCE, LEARN, AND GROW.

You came here as a soul to have experiences, learn from them, and raise your consciousness to eventually reach your ultimate destination of enlightenment or liberation.

As you go through life, you put on many different costumes and play many different characters.

Your soul is curious to understand experientially what it’s like to be a child, an adult, a parent, an old man or woman, and it’s curious to know all the nuances in between.

Your soul wants to know what it’s like to grow up with abusive parents, what it’s like to have a loving family, it wants to know what it’s like to have it’s heart broken, it wants to know what it’s like to lose a loved one, etc…

Your soul doesn’t judge life as good or bad, it just desires to know everything that life has to offer experientially!

This includes painful experiences as well.

Inside of every human being are painful experiences trapped in the body.

These areas are a GOLDMINE of lessons that have yet to be mined.

Going THROUGH the pain, and experiencing what life gave you is the way you learn and grow as a soul.

It’s through embracing what life gives you that you become more and more capable, mature, and evolved as a soul.

If you’re struggling with certain painful experiences that you feel are holding you back, here is a powerful process you can use to mine the goldmine of lessons hidden in your pain.

Step 1- Become aware of something that you wish didn’t happen. An experience that you felt hurt you in a way that you just couldn’t overcome.

Step 2- Feel into your body where you feel resistance to this experience. And deeper than that, feel the pain beyond the resistance.

Step 3- Create a feeling of appreciation in your heart for the gift of the experience life wanted you to have. See this experience as something life gave to you simply so you could know in your soul what it was like to have this experience.

Step 4- Welcome the painful energy into your heart while feeling appreciation for the experience until there is no more resistance to that experience or pain.

Step 5- Allow that experience to move up past your heart through your throat and into your third eye.

Step 6- Allow yourself to receive the lesson and let the experience go fully through the top of your crown.

When you’re done you will feel completely at peace with this experience and you will feel gratitude towards life for having given you the opportunity to play this character and learn about life as this character.

If you’re still struggling to fully let go, my wife and I have the tools to help you move through your pain and limitations and into a spiritually driven life and relationship of depth, growth and sexual fulfilment.

If you feel called to experience more of what I mentioned above, apply for a free 60 minute “Heal Your Intimacy Block” session with us through the link in our bio.

With love,

Kai & Gabriella

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