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December 2, 2022

The Yogi-Approved Gift Guide for 2022

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.

If you’re still out there wondering what to gift the near and dear ones on your list, here are a few thoughtful, unique, and eco-friendly ideas that are sure to surprise and delight everyone you love this season.

For the sisters and friends who are always getting their nails done, why not introduce them to the Green Flash mani system? Designed and produced in France, this gel-alternative polish lasts just as long, without any of the harmful or toxic ingredients.

Right now the starter kits come fully-stocked with everything you need for the prettiest at-home manicure, right down to the dainty white cure light. Pick out your color set and explore more at

For anyone and everyone…

Am I the only one who doesn’t mind giving and getting socks for the holidays?

SmartWool hikers have been a favorite of mine for years, although any thoughtful and cushiony-warm socks will do. Look for sustainable materials like wool or luxurious cashmere, and make sure to remind everyone that these natural fibers should be washed on cold and air-dried to maintain their longevity.

Socks are perfect stocking-stuffers and can make a great daily gift for Hanukkah too. Sometimes, it’s the little things that we don’t often buy for ourselves that can make all the difference. or

For the Dad in your life, why not put together a gift basket filled with all of his favorite wintry things?

Does your Dad like to fish? Cook? Run? Ski?

Even if it seems like he already has all the right gear, a little research into upgrading something he would find useful can go a long way. Putting some of his favorite snacks or a new pair of warm mittens or gloves (bonus points if they’re handmade!) into a basket with his favorite beer or wine is a lovely idea. If he’s a home chef, make him some seasonal spice mixes, or pick out an already-made variety from your local spice shop and pair it with some other gourmand accoutrements.

Think outside the box, and listen to your heart. That will always help make your gift feel truly appreciated, no matter who it’s for. Are there any accessories that would tie into his favorite hobby? If your Dad takes a ton of photos, maybe consider getting him a nice photo printer and a frame that he can turn into a fun project. GoPros can be cool gifts too, especially if your Dad’s post-retirement gig involves adventure vlogging.

If you’re really stumped as to what to get, maybe gift him an experience instead of a thing? A round of golf at a beautiful or challenging course, a guided fishing expedition, French pastry lessons at the local community college…

Put yourself in your Dad’s shoes, what would you really want?

For the lovable fur babies in your family, unwrapping a festive sweater or functional outdoor jacket for your pet is a heartwarming way to include them in the holiday spirit. We are dog-loving people over here, but if you have a cat, I can imagine those little cat nip mice probably make a great gift year-round. And fair warning about the elf-on-the-shelf too, your doggo may just find it super amusing to play with him as a chew toy…

If your pet is the actual gift this year (and how adorable is that!) nothing looks sweeter than a little puppy or kitten with a red bow fastened around its neck.

For Mom. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes! Is your Mom a fashionista, or more of a gardening, get-up-and-go type? Does your Mom drink coffee or tea?

If she’s Team Coffee, what about a fancy espresso machine? Or even just some special beans and a home grinder to up her coffee-making game?

If she loves tea, a thoughtful bundle of magical blends to soothe any seasonal ailments and help her find nurturing moments during the winter season could be just the uplifting reminder she needs. If your Mom works from home, what about a beautiful cashmere shawl or sweater that can help her feel put together on her Zoom meetings? And if your Mom rides horses, maybe she’d love an heirloom saddle blanket, or a matching one for herself to practice her restorative Yoga with. 

The best kinds of gifts for Mom are something you can share. Make her day with a handwritten recipe that you’ve been baking lately, and bring (or send) her the goodies. Paint her a handmade card or picture to hang on her wall. It doesn’t always have to be the most elaborate thing. But if your Mom is major, treating her to a trendy at-home spa treatment, complete with bespoke gua sha and coordinating sea buckthorn facial oil could be just the treat she needs. And there’s always chocolate… Splurge and make it the real deal with single-origin cocoa beans, toffee, or hazelnuts!

For everyone else on your list, handmade, local and zero-waste is the way to go.

Pop over and check out a winter holiday market happening in your area, or go explore your downtown shops and view the decorative setups they have in store. You may just find a new small business to love, or make a new friend!

For more tips on how to do the holidays thoughtfully and sustainably, stay in the loop on Pinterest, there are so many fresh ideas and inspiration there. And if you’d like, follow my page @littlemoonv for curated wrapping ideas, knitting patterns, and more!

Wishing you all the very best this year and into the new one too!

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