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February 16, 2023

Is it a “Happy” New Year?

Why does everyone put so much pressure on the new year? When the clock strikes midnight on 12/31, does something magical happen? Do all of your problems suddenly disappear? Is all of your debt wiped away? Does your life automatically become peaceful and joyful? No, it doesn’t.

I’ll never understand why people put so much stock in the year changing by one digit. If you aren’t actively making changes in your life, nothing is going to be different. Making “resolutions” is pointless unless you stick with them. Why not make some all year long? Why not make it a regular thing to: exercise more, eat better, drink less, be a better person? That makes more sense to me.

The first day of 2023 felt no different than the last day of 2022 to me. What feels different is the tiny changes I’m making every single day. The changes I’ll continue to make every single day until I meet my goals. And what will I do when I meet those goals? I’ll make new ones. After all, isn’t the point of this life to become our best selves? To be continually growing and changing?

I guess people think that a new year feels like a fresh start. But the truth is, you can make a fresh start on any day. It can be on January 1st or May 28th or July 19th. Whenever. There is no wrong or right way to change your life. If you want to change it, then change it. If you don’t, then don’t. But don’t expect to evolve if you aren’t making any changes.

I’ll offer up a few of the changes I’ve made recently. Maybe reading these will inspire making some of your own.

While 2023 might not be the happiest year yet, it can be a tiny bit happier than last year. xo

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