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February 28, 2023

Transformative Spiritual Affirmations

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Unlock Your Creative Potential With Positive I AM Statements

Create Your Dreams from the Heart — A Reflection on My Women’s Circle Experience

The other night, I had the privilege of being in the presence of some truly remarkable women at my Women’s Circle. Every week, this powerful gathering of loving female energy is a humbling reminder of the strength and resiliency of the female spirit.

We began with a calming and centering meditation to ground ourselves, followed by a round where we shared our experiences and wisdom in a nurturing and safe space. The final exercise of the evening was a journaling practice, but this evening I wasn’t feeling up to writing about the prompt.

Instead, I opened up to the intuitive guidance of Spirit and allowed it to move my pen on the page. I felt a beautiful and profound connection between my heart, my soul, and the infinite wisdom of the Universe.

Surrendering to the flow of Spirit I was moved into a state of heart coherence feeling so much love and guidance to express my true Self more deeply and authentically. In those moments I was the universe.

The spiritual I AM affirmations below are the powerful messages that appeared on my paper that evening. I believe in my heart that these truths do not just apply to me, they are who you are as well. We are all one, a collective of human souls and spirits that have the power to transcend all physical matter and live amongst the heavens on earth.

I hope you can use these affirmations as guidance to find your true voice and empower yourself to fulfill your dreams and ambitions from the heart.

Unlock Your Creative Potential With Positive I AM Statements

Affirmations became part of my personal development journey early on, and have remained a powerful tool ever since. Affirming statements help us to reprogram our brains, shifting from negative to positive thought patterns. By listening to and reciting positive affirmations out loud, you can make massive changes in your mindset, eliminate self-doubt and remind yourself of all that you are capable of being.

I invite you to start your day with any of the inspiring and empowering affirmations provided here to keep you motivated and empowered throughout the day!

If some of these affirmations don’t quite speak to you, don’t worry!

Simply leave them behind, take the ones that do resonate with you, and come up with some of your own.

You’ll be amazed at how much power your own words can have when you put them into practice.


I AM healing

I AM whole

I AM complete

I AM the light

I AM the darkness

I AM spacious

I AM Energy

I AM powerful

I AM forgiving

I AM peace



I AM purity

I AM life and death

I AM eternal consciousness

I AM everything and nothing

I AM beautiful

I AM limitless

I AM wisdom

I AM the healer

I AM the universe

I AM the trees

I AM the wind

I AM the mountain

I AM the thunder


I AM truth

I AM Water

I AM creativity

I AM the stars

I AM the sun

I AM the moon

I AM the sky

I AM fire


Unlock Your Inner Power with These Beginner Affirmations

If you’re just starting out with your affirmation practice, I recommend that you begin with these 3 foundational self-love affirmations and feel the powerful presence of believing in yourself.

With consistent practice, you’ll develop more self-awareness, self-confidence, and resilience to help you reach a higher state of consciousness and manifest the life you desire.

I AM Loved

I AM Worthy

I AM Enough

After getting myself into a daily routine of reciting basic affirmations, I started to combine them to create more meaningful and powerful sentences and they worked so well that I continue this practice every day.

This allows me to create more I AM statements that truly resonate with where I am at and they guide me along the way to fulfill the desires of my heart.

Here are two examples:

“I let go of feelings of fear and lack. It’s safe for me to stand up and make choices that empower me.”

“I embrace peace, joy, and satisfaction in my life. I engage in feeling good while doing things that bring me joy emotionally and physically. I express gratitude for my wishes fulfilled and thank the universe for its joyful abundance.”

Developing a practice of I AM affirmations and other styles of positive thinking can change your life for the better as long as you keep going. I’ve always believed that if I wanted change to happen in my life, I was going to have to be that ‘game changer’, and then everything else would change.

I believe in you and the limitless potential you have as a human spirit ~ go after your dreams and keep going ~ there is always something great waiting for you just around the corner.

Peace and Blessings my friends,

lots of love, Shelley

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Peace and Blessings

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