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March 14, 2023

Life is Good – Until Death Do Us Part

You don’t have to get or be married for this to be applicable. No matter your position in the family tree, the statement is true for everyone. We are bound to people, until we are not – in a physical sense. You are also connected to more than one person, which allows you to lean on each other in moments the chain breaks and a piece of it is lost. It provides the opportunity to link together in a new way. The person we lost never leaves us; the memories stay with us, always.

And because the person is part of us and who we are, we get to take that piece with us – to places they have never been, see things and experience life in ways they never did or had the chance to do; we get to live a part of our life for them and indirectly with them. Somehow we think we have forever until a person simply vanishes and all that’s left are the replays of moments in our mind. The realization of the fragility and shortness of life sets in and the awakening of lost opportunities to reclaim or do-overs sit heavy in our hearts. A piece of us breaks off; it’s like a missing puzzle piece that makes the picture incomplete.

If you don’t believe a person carries around an energy wherever they go, then you WILL most certainly comprehend this when the person is no longer with you. The emptiness you feel, the incredible void ready to swallow you whole; THAT is the absence of the person’s energy.

We carry it with us, good or bad, all the time. It enters the room before us and leaves traces of it after we’ve already exited. It’s the vibrations we hand over to others; an impression we leave with them.

But when you are gone – completely vanished from this earth, YOUR certain type of energy leaves with you.

However, the aura might stick around – the feeling you gave others when they were with or around you. Did you make them feel welcome, cared for, loved, understood, found, made them feel joyful and carefree or did you make them scared, angry, annoyed, frustrated or upset?

What comes to people’s mind when they think of You or about You? What do you want them to think about or feel?

No matter what, the void remains. Empty hallways, knickknacks covered in dust, one less dinner plate or morning coffee mug; less of everything, because the person who has been there all this time: gone. Just gone – never calling your name again, never walking through that door or leaving a cloud of perfume behind. Everything that was once mundane, a routine is now a memory; one you are trying desperately to recreate every day moving forward. It’s painful, sad and unbearable. But you do it – slowly, very slowly you are creating, without a choice, a new kind of routine; yet wanting to share it with that special person only to come up empty.

Focusing on the people who are still with you – giving you a reason to get up every day, breathe and still cherish the special gift called life. Because They need you as much as You need them.

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