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March 1, 2023

Sexual Courage

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.

It takes courage to be sexually open and sexually honest.

It takes courage to be authentic about our desires, about what we want, what arouses us, what interests us, what excites us, what draws us.

It takes courage to be honest about what we don’t enjoy, when we don’t want something.

It takes courage because we reveal ourselves, we open ourselves, we show ourselves.

And not only do we show what’s called our shadow, what’s in the so-called darkness.

We show our light, we show what we really want, the intimacy, the connection, the energy.

We show how much we want the heart.

We show how much we want presence.

We show how much we want the spiritual in our sexuality.

How much we want someone sitting opposite us, looking into our eyes in a way that sees us, all of us. With an open heart that has space for us in it.

How much we want someone sitting opposite us who has done their work and can hold us, whatever we bring.

How much we want to be seen in our pleasure, in our desire, in our fire and in our tenderness.

It takes courage to reveal ourselves in this, and it may be harder for us to talk about the desires of intimacy, of softness, than the kinks and fetishes.

It takes courage to have these conversations, as we open to rejection and judgement.

And we open to possibility.

The possibility of exploration and discovery, of sharing deeply, intimately, with joy. A joy that comes from connecting with ourselves, with so many parts of ourselves, and connecting with another.

The possibility of being able to go deep, deep, deeper within.

The possibility of fulfilment, and the exploration of what that is, the changing, the vibrancy, the creation.

The mystery of what arises within us, between us

And the courage to step into the unknown.

This is some of what our intimacy, our sexuality, our sensuality, has for us.

When we’re more aware, more conscious.

When we’re out of chasing orgasm, chasing the next experience, the next fantasy.

When we’re able to be with our bodies, our hearts, connected within us, and share the desire that arises from that.

In love, in possibility.

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