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August 27, 2023

How The Universe Works: Law of Attraction Made Easy!


There’s a lot of baloney out there, isn’t there? Most of us recognise it when we hear it and it makes us suspicious. That’s especially true, I’ve found, where Law of Attraction’s concerned. We debate whether it’s true or not like we once debated whether our Earth was round or flat. But if you can get past your dislike of the word ‘Law.’ (Yeah, we really don’t like that! That word alone turns lots of us right off!), it’s simply the way The Universe works, and understanding that can be helpful.

So how about we have a go at getting a little clarity? At the very least it can’t do any harm and, who knows, by the time we get to the end a whole lot of confusion might have been lifted. Here, then, are what seem to me the essential elements of Law of Attraction. Or, as I prefer to call it, How The Universe Works:
1. This is a vibrational Universe
It’s a Universe in which absolutely everything is energy vibrating. That includes well, everything. There’s nothing that isn’t energy vibrating. And it’s all the same energy, simply vibrating at different frequencies. You know Rumi’s ‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop’? Take that literally.

So the only thing that distinguishes you from me, me from that tree or the chair I’m sitting on, is the very particular frequency each of us is vibrating at. And at our most infinitesimally tiniest aspect, we’re all the same.

We’re talking a swirling mass of conscious energy which experiences itself – oh yes, that too, otherwise I wouldn’t know I’m me and you wouldn’t know you’re you – as both the ocean and the drop at the same time.
2. This is a responsive Universe
It’s constantly evolving and expanding in response to the vibrational nature of what the drops are doing within the ocean. The drops are where it’s at in terms of Law of Attraction. The drops are us, you and me, individually and collectively, vibrating at our different frequencies and sending that vibrational signature back out into the ocean. Think sonar.

Two vibrational laws are particularly significant in terms of the way this all works.

The first is the law of resonance: energy in the same vicinity always ends up vibrating at the same frequency. If you put ten grandfather clocks in a room together and come back after an hour or so, they’ll all be ticking in time with each other. If you snuggle up close with someone you love, it won’t take long for your hearts to be beating in time. If you enter a high speed train in the rush hour, your own heart will start to beat in time with the anxiety and stress which is the dominant vibration in that train. Like attracts like vibrationally.

The second is the law of entrainment: everything ultimately ends up vibrating in resonance with the highest dominant vibration present. The higher the dominant vibration, the more powerfully that vibration controls everything in its vicinity. This is especially true of the vibrations which emotions and thoughts emit. We affect what goes on around us directly by the vibrational signals we’re sending out. And there’s no way of switching that off, because we’re vibrating constantly simply because that’s the nature of everything. Including us. Negative emotion packs out a low vibration, positive and loving emotion emit a higher vibration. So you have some influence here, because to a large extent you can choose.
3. This is a creative Universe
By simple virtue of those basic laws of vibration, everything is inevitably affecting everything else. That means that, because everything is vibrational in nature, the vibrational signature we’re emitting is directly influencing, affecting, changing, creating and recreating our reality. That really is all Law of Attraction means: everything vibrates to its own signature, and that signature affects the vibration of everything else.

That means that, exactly as experience tells us, everything is constantly changing and always in a process of flux. It can be no other way. We’re therefore both creators and co-creators of our current and, in the process, our future reality. Like attracts like, remember.

Now this is where some people get really hung up on the detail, and start worrying about how thoughts become things. Let’s really simplify that. Thoughts don’t become things; if they did, you’d think of a flower and, hey presto, you’d have one in your hand. However, just supposing you’re feeling a bit down. If you enjoy flowers, and you could imagine a flower so completely – its essence: how it felt in your hand, how it smelt, the joy and pleasure you felt as you looked at its beautiful perfection, its colour and hues, the tiny details that made your heart leap, the complete experience of that flower, that might be a slightly different matter. You wouldn’t necessarily find yourself holding a flower, but you would be vibrating at a very high frequency. And other things matching that frequency would find you.

And that’s it. You’d have changed everything. Your emotional frequency – which is who you really are in any given moment – would suddenly be one of appreciation, joy, abundance, well-being. And because of that, you’d be lining that up vibrationally. Live in a vibration of appreciation and positive expectation that joy is everywhere and you’ll find joy everywhere. And, where joy is, abundance and well-being must find you. Like attracts like.

Let’s be clear, though – pretend or try to drum up pseudo emotion and it won’t work. Because it won’t be creating the vibration you think it is. You’ll be vibrating lack and negativity instead of well-being. Which brings me on to the next point.
4. This is a loving Universe
Most of us already know this intuitively in our quietest moments of reflection: We Are Love! Did you know that the Universe actually vibrates at the frequency of love? 528 Hz to be precise. And yes, it can be measured! Hubble actually tries to tune that frequency out, because it’s everywhere, in order to try to find life out there. That’s us humans for you! Missing what’s right under our noses!

If you’re not vibrating love, or you’re vibrating the kind of wanting that’s based on feeling lack, your vibration’s in conflict with the dominant vibration of all that is. So ‘I want that because you’ve got it’ or ‘I want to be more successful than him’ or ‘I want that house’ just doesn’t cut it. It ignores two key tenets of loving: 1. Love is indiscriminate and unconditional, and so that kind of rivalry or competition is very low vibrationally and; 2. Love involves Free Will, and so vibrationally we can’t make someone else do what we want. Like fall in love with us, or give us their house just because we want it!

5. This is an eternal Universe
Individually (as drops in the ocean) and collectively (as the ocean itself) The Universe constantly experiences, creates and recreates itself. We are both the drops and the ocean itself and, since energy always is, we always are. Energy can’t be destroyed. If you are now, you always have been and you always will be. And that goes for everything else too.

Makes you stand in awe. Don’t you think?

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