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October 9, 2023

Synchronicities, Soulmates and Love

Photo by Vanessa Garcia on Pexels.

We all stare at the same moon and stars and yet for some the celestial skies have a different meaning. For many this is the push and pull that bring humans together in romance. A delicate cosmic dance.

What is love that brings two people together? Is it synchronicity and predestined souls? Do the stars have to align?

Most people say that love is just hormones, timing and a social construct that binds for safety and modern societies survival. What if Soulmates were real? How would this change how we view love and human relationships? Would we hold out for love?

What is a synchronicity you might ask and what does it have to do with Soulmates?

First and foremost you can believe in one without the other. They have been linked and lumped together by the new age community.

Synchronicities are ordinary experiences that feel extraordinary and spiritual in nature. These sweet glimmers make us feel good and give people a sense that they are on the right path in life or with the right person. Synchronicities are not necessarily linked with romance or love.

Soulmates are those in this world that are our perfect soul’s match. I personally do not believe in soulmates because I believe that there are many people in the world that we could love and that would be fine suitable matches. This soulmate seems over the moon and a bit extreme.

If we merge the synchronicity with soulmates we have another interesting dynamo. The synchroneities are proof that the person is indeed a soulmate. Are you still with me? Yeah, kind of out there I agree. The proof that the whole Soulmate thing is real is another ” feeling” or passing Deja vu of sorts or coincidence for example you met over and over or were in the same place and time.

Now I am a romantic, boho hyppie- loving as you get and I struggle with this however, I have to admit that I have had some of these experiences. I have wondered if our brains grab to anything we can find as proof that this is ” meant to be” that our love is ” kindred” and ” scared”  I have had unions hat have defiantly taken my breath away and made the earth spin and sure some have even felt like psychic compatibilities however I am still remain  a sceptic.

One thing I am sold on is the connection to creation and that ” spark”. I Perhaps this is the Soulmate our heart really years for and human relationships are the connection or lessons that help us get there on the way.

Trauma and early wounding can create some issues with our hearts. The closing heart is the result of such wounding. We can make every excuse in the book for pushing people away or closing our hearts.

What if the devine love is our spiritual connection to love and self love?

What if the real soulmate is inside of ourselves yearning to connect? This is our true self and a self actualized self or a heart on the path heading in this direction.

Tonight when you stare at the stars  or trace the constellations of love take a pause. and check your heart. Is it open or closed? Are you learning towards connection or pulling away?

It is okay to believe in whatever your beliefs are and at the end of the day the light of love well it is the real spark that if given the change can spread. Romantic love is not the only kind of love and we can tend our gardens and the world.

Spirituality is connecting to spirit and this needs no proof it is undeniable. Just close your eyes and find your heart beat and you will find your soul connecting when you open that human heart.

I am off to meditate and rest awhile. Meditating on abundance and love. I know I have a ways to go to be the person I wish to become. I can start right now meditating and moving forward.

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