July 28, 2008


ARTFARM is a Connecticut-based non-profit organization that I was introduced to this weekend while visiting family.  I had gone with my sister and two year old nephew to a kid’s fair in New London, of which the central act was called “Circus for a Fragile Planet” featuring a troupe of clowns called the Fossil Fools! It was a nice surprise, as I wasn’t expecting the fair to be environmentally-themed, and it was sweet to see so many kids enthralled by the song and dance, while also learning about our world’s dependence on fossil fuels.  The act is part of a larger organization, which is working to create a retreat and workshop center on a small organic farm, using the barn as a performance space.  Learn more about upcoming performances and the organization’s model for combining art and sustainability on their site.

And right as I was buzzing from what I had just seen with the kids, someone passed me a flyer for a local salon, which turned out to be organic! I also realized that the clothes that they were selling at the fair were also organic. Then we strolled the local farmer’s market, of which a main supporter is Fiddleheads, a natural foods cooperative, that’s planning on opening a full-time location soon. I also picked up the local paper which had a cover story on ditching the grass in one’s lawn to save water.

Hooray for mindful Connecticut!


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