July 22, 2008

elephant journal’s blog on Treehugger.com’s homepage feature on elephant’s interview of Treehugger’s founder, Graham Hill.

Finally, the big Green cool kids in the World Wide Web’s Cafeteria took notice of your lil’elephant. It was almost certainly our biggest single web or press hit, like, ever—we’ve had thousands of Youtube video views, and some great press, and some first tier interviews (and our national distribution has grown 150% in the last year alone, I’ve just learned), but nothing like this.

And to have that hit come out of Treehugger, the preeminent Green-focused web site (that sold to Discovery last year for millions) a site we genuinely respect and personally use—well it made for a great end to a long week (and six years).

Inspired to return the favor? Go to Treehugger and sign up for their weekly and/or daily news (I’ve done both). You’ll find it news-you-can-use. 

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