July 20, 2008

Flogging Molly’s Robert Schmidt @elevision@Boulder Theater…this Wednesday.

I’ve known Bob (who first appears in the above video at 51 seconds) and his wife, Ella, for years. I knew he was a ‘rock star.’ But I didn’t realize he was a ROCK STAR?! Flogging Molly’s huge! This video’s got 2.5 million views, for exp…they tour constantly, they got groupies and the works. Most importantly, the band (like the Pogues, before ’em) has done a lot to preserve traditional Irish music by making it hip, accessible, etc. So if most folks are excited about Robert Thurman’s appearance on our upcomin’ talk show, this Robert’s a pretty big deal, too..!

Planning on attending? Tickets are a tad cheaper beforehand.

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