August 10, 2008

Barack Smackdown: “This is serious business. Instead of running ads about Britney & Paris, they should go talk to some energy experts.”

I’m 34. I can hardly remember Reagan, or Bush the First, and I don’t try too hard.

I liked President Clinton, but that man made more missteps than you can count. I didn’t like President Bush, and don’t think most Republicans should’ve, either–he didn’t abide by any traditional Conservative principles (isolation/avoiding foreign entanglements, avoiding debt, avoiding greatest expansion of government in modern times, intruding on individuals’ lives, privacy and rights, right to trial…).

And so it is that, for the first time in my adult life, I’ve only got some 80 days to wait before I might, just might have a President who I think knows and understands how to represent the best parts of my great, greatly flawed country.

The notion that we might have such a man, a humane man, a superhuman calling the shots, and giving speeches in that deep strong serious voice, well…as Jon Stewart says, I gotta confess to a man-crush on Obama. Or as the Buddha might say, Obama’s so good he makes me want to say “God Bless America.”

He’s like Superman. Just when you think we’re effed, as a nation–broke, in debt, torturing folks against every bit of liberty and habeus corpus…along comes “a skinny kid with big ears and a funny name,” just in time, to save the day.

I’m grateful.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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