August 19, 2008

Leaf is Life – Leaf Cuisine: more raw goodness for those lucky LA’ers.

 I have to admit: my first ever and most recent trip to LA was all about getting as much raw food as possible. I only had two days, however, and only one small belly, so I missed out on Cru, Au Lac and Euphoria loves Rawvolution. Just before I flew out, my sister took me to Leaf, where she used to work and learned about the transformative tales of going raw.
I was sorry that I wasn’t starving when I got there — the menu is mouth watering…But we went in for the essential pre-flight nibblers (with no regards to the rules of food combining): the Druid’s Detox elixir, Nachos with Guac and un-beans and sour cream and etc., Life by Chocolate and the Chocolate Brownie. [OMG.] Life by Chocolate was a smooth, rich, knock-out concoction truly to die for. I was a little blissed out when I got on that plane… and had enough for a mid-morning snack the next day. 

The raw cuisine at Leaf wasn’t “oh, how nice, another little salad – yay” good. This was more like “there’s an orgy in my mouth” good. And, such a deal! (Nothing in ex$pendy Boulder really compares.) The sheer beauty of Leaf is that the cost is low for masterfully creative raw nourishment with each sip, spoon, chop-stick, crunch or forkful. What a concept: “We keep our prices low and make it a point to fill your bellies. It is now possible for you to get optimally healthy delicious food quickly, and at a great price anytime you want.”
Check this joint out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and (especially) dessert. There is much to choose from, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Feeling like you need a little Indian chow? I’ve heard moans uttered when someone brings up the “bombay wrap”…
Leaf has 2 locations in the LA area. Lucky for us, Rod Rotondi, the mastermind behind Leaf Cuisine, has his thoughts on franchising. This is one chain I could stand behind. Maybe one will land in Boulder?


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