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September 23, 2008

Bible forbids Homosexuality?

Jesus was, dare I say, a nice human being. He was kind. He was compassionate. He wasn’t…a hater. A troll. A racist, or a sexist. 

In response to a few anti-homosexuality comments on my last post, clothed in the attire of “Christianity,” I invite you to read my…

Homophobia and transphobia and hate of “other” are sweeping this nation, it seems. But perhaps they never really went away, of course—folks like Trump just made it more comfortable for such fear to come out of hiding.

So, as a good Buddhist heathen, I come back to the Bible, which so many folks claim is the source or basis for their prejudice.

Ahem. The Bible does indeed define marriage as between a man and a woman…

And, these other 8 options.

This is one way to defeat bigotry: knowledge, harnessed to eloquence, without aggression.

Martin Sheen, President in the 2000-2007 George ‘W’ alternate universe, takes on a “Doctor” who closely resembles hard-right radio personality Dr. Laura.

“I don’t call homosexuality an abomination—the Bible does,” the Dr. Lauraish lady says, as does the real deal in real life.

Wanna hear President Bartlett’s Bible-based comeback? Warning: you might have to sell your daughter, forbid football, stone farmers and burn yo’momma.

“Homophobic caucus goer finds out Pete is gay after committing to caucus for him.”



A clearer, but clipped shorter version:


People tend to pick and choose from the Old and the New finding laws that fit their personal beliefs. That is a serious problem for those who say the Bible should be followed literally.


The “Bible does not define a marriage to be between a man and a woman.”

The Bible defines marriage as between a man & a woman.

And, these other 8 options.

In Buddhadharma, it is said that all sentient beings are basically good. All have Buddha nature. The same could be said in Christianity. While the Bible defines marriage as between a man & a woman, it also offers these other 8 options:

bible marriage options!

Jesus said nothing about homosexuality but he said a lot about adultery, divorce, and fornication.

How many fornicators and “serial adulterers” are anti-gay?

gay bible


Yoga tradition forbids Homosexuality?

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