September 14, 2008

Book Review: Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body by Reginald Ray, Ph.D.

The premise of this recent work by Reggie Ray (interviewed by Waylon last March) is that for all that meditation does, it doesn’t go far enough. In fact, it doesn’t really go anywhere- it just stays in our head, and that’s a mistake.

In order for meditation to be effective and for us to really know who and why we are, we need to get in touch with our bodies and to really listen to what our bodies have to say. In the book, Dr. Ray discusses not only where we went wrong with the idea of living primarily in our heads, but also when we started to do so. Drawing on sources from Carl Jung to the Buddha, Ray encourages the reader to step outside the brain to find out that our mind isn’t restricted to the cranium; that our entire body is a thinking, mindful organism, ready to give us the answers we are looking for if we are ready to listen. This is a great book for anyone who has had some practice meditating, but is finding themselves a bit “stuck” and feeling like they’re not really getting anywhere. Published by Sounds True on 100% post-consumer waste paper that has been processed without chlorine, this is a book I highly recommend for anyone ready to really understand who they are. Available from Sounds True or your local, independent bookstore.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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