September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin: “If I survived PETA I can conquer Iran”

So I figure now that I have written about Michelle and Hillary and what they are wearing, It seems fittting that I should examine what the Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is wearing and how it reflects her persona.

featured here in a white blazer,B&W printed shirt, black skirt and red patent leather platform flip flops.

This isn’t…um … the kindest review I have ever given.

First off, her black, neutral and red suits are very safe if not a little boring, fiscally conservative with a capitol FC. But wait… The Flag pin! Big points for that. HUGE.

Secondly, Giant, too big for anyone fleeces are just not cool. Ok? Ok.

Now let’s talk about the fur. I know she lives in Alaska and a little rabbit fur on a parka hood may be excusable sometimes, what are you gonna do? But sitting for a photo op next to a large taxidermy bear or posing at a basketball game with two furry tails (?) ornately splayed over her shoulders, well irks me a little.

“Is it dead? Can I touch it?”.  Is this her foreign policy?

She does manage to pull it together in a t-shirt, very Abercrombie and Fitch. SUPER AMERICAN.

She’s young and “hip”. She should drop the whole “business woman look”, let her hair down, get color contacts, highlights and a tan and don a cowboy hat and some wranglers (made abroad of course).

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Read 25 comments and reply

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