October 23, 2008

Being Present…with Senator Joe Biden last night!

I had the good fortune last night to attend the rally with Senator Joe Biden in Commerce City.  He hit on the usual talking points and spent most of his speech focusing on the economy and its impact on jobs and housing.  A skilled orator, he received a good six or eight standing ovations for various things that he said, and the crowd definitely appreciated him and his words. 

What impressed me the most, however, happened after the speech. Senator Biden spent time walking the perimeter of where the podium was placed, shaking hands, getting his picture taken, and taking the time to actually talk with people instead of pulling a “talk and leave.”  The perimeter walk actually took longer than his speech because of this, but it was amazing to see him really making the effort to connect with the others near him, and he made it a point to speak with and at least shake hands with everyone and anyone that wanted just a few seconds of his time.  He hugged a few mothers with sons in Iraq, stopped to thank two men who had recently returned, and his body language reflected that thanks were genuine and sincere.  He talked with one woman who told him she needed a surgery she could not afford; he took her name and number and told her he’d call her and do what he could.  Most of all, he made actual eye contact with people.  When he was talking with someone, his attention was fully on them and their conversation. 

If I hadn’t already made my choice, then just watching him last night would have sealed it for me.  It’s rare to see a politician be such a human being, to be so present in the moment, and it was good to see.

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