October 28, 2008

Mail-In Voting—Ballot Postage Issues! Colorado and Beyond.


Via an anonymous friend of mine. Please forward to everyone voting in Colorado. ~ Jeff Roth.

“I work in a corporate mail room and it has come to my attention that their is a flaw on the mail-in ballots. On the back it states: ‘Affix Adequate Postage’…but since they do not state what that amount is, I’ve had to fish out many from the out-going mail and adjust the amount, which has varied from $.59 to $1.00, depending on the ‘weight’ of the issues in your area. Scary, I know, but the ‘single stamp’ could be the next ‘hanging chad’ if we don’t spread the word. I already know of one person who sent their ballot with an inadequate amount of postage, and their vote will probably be lost. There is a lot of confusion on this issue.

Please place at least 2-3 stamps, if you are unsure then spring for 3, a total of $1.26 to ensure your vote gets counted and arrives safely. It’s crazy that they have not informed voters of this issue, and even more so that the Gov’t doesn’t automatically pay the postage on everyone’s ballots.

There are, however, some reports that the Postal Service will deliver anyway, but it remains to be seen what various counties will do, if anything.”

PS: Also, if you’re a first time voter or out of state voter, I think you have to photocopy your ID!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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